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ApPHP Hotel Site Coupon

When it comes to PHP script for site reservation process, as well as a powerful management system for hotels, the only software package you can rely on is ApPHP Hotel Site. The PHP script software package for website creation intended for hotel reservation as well as management, ApPHP Hotel Site is the ideal program to use. This program is useful for managing various things and items relevant to all sorts of hotel sizes in the industry.
The hotel location visitors may use this program in terms of searching rooms they need through the help of a reservation platform for booking on the internet. At the same time, they are able to have on the spot booking reservations, availability checking, as well as an inventory of rooms they can occupy. Speaking of script site to use for reservation on the web and powerful management system for hotels, there is no other program that can match the quality and performance of ApPHP Hotel Site.

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ApPHP Hotel Site Expectations

The script of this software is a comprehensive solution for PHP function in handling all sorts of hotel particulars. Hotel site occupants can look for available rooms with the help of reservation platform they can use to book online. Everything is done on real-time basis, which includes reservation booking process, availability search, as well as hotel space inventory.

With this scripting tool, users like you are able to remove or change pages existing, or simply add pages made recently. This software program’s target group of people is mostly website developers looking for a way or ways to manage payments and bookings, manage statistics and settings of the site, manage used languages, manage available rooms, manage room types and rooms of hotels, manage the details of clients’ and admin’s account. At the same time, it comes with password security protection, as well internet-wide accessibility. By using an ApPHP Hotel Site, you can guarantee the following:

  • Programming that is object-oriented
  • Manages hotel perfectly
  • Management of diverse types of rooms
  • Password access and security protection wherever on the internet

Operating and PC System Requirements for ApPHP Hotel Site

If you’re planning to buy ApPHP Hotel Site then you need to use the best operating and personal computer system requirements for it, such as:

  • Solaris
  • BSD
  • Macintosh Operating System
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows


By using ApPHP Hotel Site now, owners of hotels can easily handle their estate room as the clients are making free room availability reservations. This software application comes with many features that are beneficial for its users since they can use it for a diverse number of activities. In managing hotels, programming objects, managing types of rooms and rooms themselves, history and managing bookings, statistics of bookings, module reporting, booking admin, handling clients and admin, powerful control panel for admin and much more.


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