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AllWebMenus Pro is a program that allows you to create your own web menus without the requirement of DHTML or JavaScript knowledge. This program allows for the creation of pop-up or drop-down menus and cross-browser menus that will work in a similar manner on all browsers supporting DHTML. AllWebMenus Pro works on all platforms alike from Win, MAC and UNIX as well as all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Mozilla amongst a host of many others.

AllWebMenus offers even the inexperienced computer user a chance to design and customize menus using a simple tree-like structure. One can design these menus through the programs interface or alternatively select a theme from the theme gallery contained in the program. AllWebMenus Pro allows for the user to design menus with a wide variety of features which include: a vertical or horizontal view, a movable menu, visibility when scrolling, can remain static or offer animated borders, colors and images.

The program also includes a style gallery which allows the user to select the style they require and even add on more styles as and when they see fit. Upon selection of the theme and style required, or upon customization of the style, one uses the “compile menu” and link menu” commands to link the new features to your web page without the use of any coding language. It is as easy as it sounds. Pro AllWebMenus will provide one with the simplest way to customize even the most complicated of menu structures.

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AllWebMenus Pro Functions

This program can be used on all browsers, both old and new, meaning that it is compatible with Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Konquerer, Safari and all Mac based browsers.

The menu building is optimized by downloading a JavaScript file only once and is then cached for all other future visits. Depending on how one populates the items and sub menus, AllWebMenus Pro offers two options to create SEO friendly menus. This is done using the CSS menu Add-in. The readymade theme packs templates that come with AllWebMenus Pro allows one to use already created options in the menu creation or customization. AllWebMenus Pro provides for additional Add-ins like Server Side Menus API which allows you to create your menu on environments such as JSP, ASP, ColdFusion, and others. All this are server side environments.

It also provides for Ad-dins like the Sliding Menu Add-in that allows for sliding submenus which enhance your webpage image.

AllWebMenus Pro is compatible to languages tar have a right to left implementation meaning that you can use it for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian among other languages with the same preference.


I would safely conclude that the most attractive feature of this software is the fact that you do not need to know code or understand DHTML or JavaScript to make changes to your web page. There are many changes one is able to make and is a must have for the creative minded.


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