Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) Review

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Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) Coupon

It’s Computer software used in recovering data. It has separate versions for Mac and Windows. It also works to regain Data from iTunes backup when you lose your Device and costs $100 on the market. Can immediately regain data from the I phone 3Gs, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, I phone 55 iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone4, iPhone 5c, iPad mini and all iPod Touch 5 and 4.Most lOS users have a tendency of accidentally deleting files on their Gadgets such as MMS and sms messages, photos, Contacts, Videos, Reminders, Notes, Voice memos, whats App attachments and any vital information stored on their devices. And this is where Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) comes in.

IPhone 3Gs and Recovery Procedure

IPhone 3Gs is another exemplary device from Apple Company released on June 2009 In United States and Europe and six days later in the United Kingdom and Australia. Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) has received a positive response from the public. It succeeded the IPhone 3Gs. Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) works well with iPhone 3Gs.

Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) is Convenient since it walks you through the steps of Data Recovery. In Recovering of Data you first connect the Device to a PC installed with the Software. Ensure you put your iPhone 3Gs in Device Firmware Update Mode (DFU) mode. To put your iPhone 3Gs in DFU Mode you press both the home and power button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

Then release the power button as you keep holding the home button for another 10 seconds after which you will be alerted that the phone is now in DFU mode, release the home button. Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) will count the period in ensuring you have put your iPhone 3Gs in DFU. This prevents your Operating system from Loading then establishes the connection after a few seconds.

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After you have done this Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) performs a scan on your device to identify any deleted files. It locates the files to be recovered and allows you to preview files lost before you begin any recovery. This enables you to only recover the files you need recovered. Then you can now decide on which file it should be stored. However there is a slight possibility that some of the files recovered may not be in the original form.

These steps might not work for a new Apple Device or you can’t access lOS device there is an alternative. You can recover the files lost from the I-Tunes backup files, it displays them and user selects which one to be recovered. However use of I-Tunes limits you from recovering the whole backup file. It is good to note that in the case where you lose data when you upgrade or restore factory settings Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) can come in handy in recovering the data.


Some of the pros associated with Wondershare Dr.Fone (iPhone 3GS) is that, it can recover Data from a crashed device, is fast and takes a few seconds. Also it recovers more than twelve different formats of data and it’s simple to use or operate. Others include giving you a preview before recovering any files and has a wide scenarios support like deleted or failed updates. It also has some cons in that it is not reliable in all cases to recover full data.


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