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September 26, 2013Utilities


TreeSize Professional Coupon

One is hardly prepared for technological progress as and when it happens. This catch-22 situation happens due to lack of planning. The hard disk in the computer is continually storing information, processing and maintaining the system. The dynamic Tree Size Professional space manager helps you analyze the way your computer stores and utilizes files. If you clean up the disk space, it speeds up the computer operations considerably. It allows one to access files faster and this means higher efficiency and power saving.

Operate with ease

No technical expertise is required to get your computer up, shake the dust off and hit the road again. The Tree Size Professional visualizes and details the files and their storage for you. TreeSize Professional then gives you options removing, exporting and cleaning them. Since all operations are in the point and click’ mode, the average person will not have any trouble running the software User can see all options presented in precise and clear manner. It helps one to locate the lost files with precision.

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The Tree Size Professional software has a distinct edge over other software. Users point out the way they are able to delete files they could not before. Using other software they could see where the excess files were and how much space, they were taking up. Using this Tree Size Professional, they were able to free up the space immediately. The ability to free up space is vital for people who have small memory space or have not gone in for extended memory drives yet.

Versatility of the Tree Size Professional software

The features of the Tree Size Professional software are many. Consider the following:

    View of the files in pie chart or bar chart form

  • Shows Tree map view
  • Gives names of Users
  • Shows the Age of files
  • Lets us choose the options such as Inclusion or Exclusion

  • Schedule tasks for specified files and file types
  • Search files using different search criterion
  • Use XML reports to compare performances

One does not see any shortcoming. If one considers that the trial period is only for 30-days, it may seem insufficient for some people. One may get the Tree Size Free version and check the status of your computer disk. One does not have to install it (optional) but one will have to launch it as an administrator. This will let it scan al the files and come up with the redundant ones. The scan however, does not operate as fast as one Definitely Worth investing in.


The Tree Size Professional is a worthwhile piece of software. If you consider the amount of free space you get and the number of files that surface you once thought were lost, it is like an old friend, It points out things you could do and actually, one can take some time thinking about your options too; some files may not really be redundant you know. Mainly, it helps keep the disk tidy and that is something worth it.


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