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March 6, 2015Utilities


Total Spy Coupon

This application program can save social network account activity in either sides of the chat room. Total Spy can come up with minute by minute screenshots not visible to the human eye. Total Spy can help you in Windows clipboard scanning process for modification purposes. All captured details, information and screenshots are saved at the reports encrypted, and at the same time, users are able to view all of them no matter where you are and regardless of the time you use. Your inbox may receive the reports regarding Total Spy’s activities and operations on your computer. The great thing with this software package is that it is totally not seen by all people no one but you only.
Take note that in opening the key logging system, you need to use an exclusive key as required by Total Spy. Now, you can prove it yourself the best things that Total Spy can offer you for the basic security of your computer system and household. When talk about the invisible and all-purpose software for spying and monitoring, there is no better program than Total Spy.

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Expectations of Total Spy

This program is definitely a better way for you to monitor and check all activities and transactions happening in your personal computer at home. Through the help of Total Spy, you can easily track all the activities that other people are engaged with on your PC. This software package has the ability to capture and save keyboard strokes, performs clipboard scanning, as well as thoroughly checks navigations done on the internet.

By means of using Total Spy, you’ll have the pleasure of benefiting from these features:

  • Secures PC system and the entire household
  • Invisible and all-purpose spying and monitoring application program
  • Monitors and checks home PC transactions and activities
  • Effortless PC activity tracking system
  • Captures and saves all activities of a PC user

Operating and Systems Requirements

Before considering the use Total Spy, your personal computer must be running the right operating system, as well as adhering to the requirements of the software. Here are the best Microsoft Windows OS you need for the smooth programming of Total Spy.

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7


With the help of this application program, you can easily monitor visited websites on history. Now through the use of this software package, you are in full control of windows active and programs you already have started. Also, with Total Spy, you can effortlessly intercept all the characters that your keyboard produced.


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