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February 27, 2013Utilities


Spy Monitor Screen Recorder Coupon

Many think that to run a successful IT business is enough to have a good team. So if you have a small team of coders and if you as a team leader are located in the same room with your coders then all is very simple. Usually this is true but not the case of a big team. How to be if you are the owner of an average or even a big software company which consists from managers, team leaders and coders? Looks like such scheme should work perfectly, but how to be if things there run bad and you do not know why and the worst is that nobody there knows why this happen? I am sure you will say me that this problem has a lot of ways to be solved and my next question will be how to solve it in the most optimal way? My solution is called Spy Monitor Screen Recorder. Yes, this software saved my business and now it runs perfectly.

How Spy Monitor Screen Recorder can help?

It represents a piece of software, fully hidden which can record everything will happen on the computers it was installed. Now everyday when my employers will start their computers this software will record whole activity and by the end I will be able to do a complex analyze of how things run in my company.

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Configure Spy Monitor Screen Recorder for the best performance?

I activated auto run feature which will allow me to spy my employers whole day. I set wmv video format instead of avi for the best storage option. I choose to record whole screen instead of specific screen activity like some chat software or other most used applications. As you see I want to know everything about my employers and I want to know where things start to go in the wrong direction.

What happened after one week?

I uploaded all my employers video files to my computer and started to analyze them. This took me some time but I found the problem. Some of my employers was very busy with Facebook. I think they everyday spent at least 33% of the time there. After I closed access to this and other social network sites also to some games the things goes into the right direction.


Really Spy Monitor Screen Recorder is the software which helped me to find what was wrong here. Now my software company productivity grew in one month by 100% I am happy with it and the most important thing is that nobody ever will know how I did this.


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