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Spy Monitor Screen Recorder is akin to a webcam you used in your desktop PC. All sorts of activities of your cursor and PC desktop may include typing keystroke, a few opening or closing program or window, browsing the internet, chatting systems, as well as diverse other activities in your personal computer will definitely be saved and recorded that incessantly perform video displaying comparable to a motion picture or film.
By using Spy Monitor Screen Recorder, users are able to clearly video the on screen online activity of other users of your PC while you’re not in the office or at home, otherwise, users will have an idea about their workers’ schedule during office hours. You may use this application tool to discreetly record all types of activities, as well as perform moving of mouse on the OC into 2 different formats such as AVI or even WMV without any disturbances or schedule all recording you have on your list, or go for capturing certain activities done on your personal computer screen that will help you checking all your targets online.

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Expectations Spy Monitor Screen Recorder

If you are into using webcams on your desktop or laptop computers, well, Spy Monitor Screen Recorder is a lot like them. Each activities the cursor or your OC has that may include typing strokes, certain closing or opening of window, surfing different web pages, instant messaging programs, as well as diverse numbers of activities in a personal computer that you may record, save and then record video files such as your favorite movies. Through the help of Spy Monitor Screen Recorder, users are able to clearly see the activities of other users of your PC while no one is at home or anywhere.

Forget about the word interruption in using this program since you can use this to schedule all activities involving screen capturing or saving according to your needs, or you may opt to record certain sections or parts of activities on the screen that is vital and advantageous to target activity monitoring. With Spy Monitor Screen Recorder, you can take advantage of the benefits as follows:

  • Hotkey setting and user friendly for the purpose of starting, pausing and stopping recording screen
  • Helps you record certain activities on the screen that aims to repair activities on the desktop for the purpose of recording optimization, as well as for the reduction of space usage
  • Captures and saves video files on the screen into AVI or WAV file formats when you need it.

Operating and Computer System Requirements

If you are planning to download and use Spy Monitor Screen Recorder, your personal computer must only run using the best Microsoft Windows OS versions. Below are a few of the ideal operating systems to use for your PC.

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Windows 98


Now you effortlessly use spy monitoring systems, as well as screen capturing and saving programs all at the same time with Spy Monitor Screen Recorder. By using this software, you are able to save and record all PC activities and movements of your mouse on your PC into either files types such as AVI or for a change, WMV format.


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