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September 27, 2013Utilities


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Some PC or laptop is so costly especially its hard drive and display screen which support the whole computer to provide relevant facility, but it is affected by some unwanted and malicious viruses or changes occurred due to long run. To protect the computer from these changes we often apply different security solution in which one of them is Shadow Defender. Shadow defender is a simple, but effective security system for your PC and laptop.

Shadow Defender allows you to detect and eliminate the viruses attacked on your PC and create a virtual environment for your PC sometime called as shadow mode. Shadow Defender is generally supporting the window operating system and able to provide a safe environment to protect against the immediate changes occurred in your real environment. Generally, shadow defender allows you to reboot your system, when your PC experience the malicious activities in a virtual environment or shadow mode and facilitate you to keep your all documents or files from virtual environment to the real environment after reboot.

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  • Protect the PC from unwanted changes and nasty viruses.
  • All the viruses attacked on the virtual environment not on a real environment which keeps the document in safe mode. It also facilitates to give a solution to language problem.

  • It helps to reduce the maintenance cost of PC after viruses attacking.
  • It helps to restore your all documents into the original state through reboot process.

Pros and Cons of shadow defender


  • Help to make the exclusion list of the files or directories before reboot.
  • Best security system for window operating systems which allow the user to enable the shadow mode and keep the viruses away from the original documents.
  • Better than antivirus and provide much more facility especially for the OS.
  • Protect your privacy and does not allow one to interfere on your documents.
  • Cons

  • It takes time to restore the document in original state and always reboot the system for a few changes.
  • Not preferred by inexperienced user.


Shadow Defender is the easiest and simplest way to protect your PC from nasty viruses and allow you to experience the real environment in the form of virtual environment. It is much better than an antivirus which takes time to update on weekly or monthly basis. Shadow Defender is now also used by inexperienced users by applying its simple way of direction. It is the best of all and admirable by all PC holders. Now, the users who took time to restore the original document and made a directory for exclusion list do fast as ever. It is the best way to exclude the changes which made on our document from the other one through reboot process.

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