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April 3, 2014Utilities


Remote Installation Component Coupon

If you’re an administrator and you like to improve your own productivity level through EXE and MSI program deployment support system, Remote Installation Component is the best choice of software for this sort of process. This application program performs automatic installation of the EXE and MSI formatted software to remote PCs or users at a designated time schedule. Remote Installation Component supports installation of software to all PCs interconnected, as well as users or bulk installation process to domains, websites.
Moreover, with Remote Installation Component, users are able to deploy application programs using various templates, uninstall EXE and MSI formatted programs, gets wider software installation status visibility, schedule the deployment of the software, as well as creates repositories of a software. Remote Installation Component is a great value for your money for the sake of the entire business organization!

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What You Can Expect From Remote Installation Component

The typical activities in a modern business organization do involve software un-installation, updating, installation and distribution. These types of activities include many sorts of processes, and most of the time, it requires more resources and time from the administrators. Every activity must be accomplished in respective PCs. By using this software, users can deploy them with the use of predefined types of templates. Remote Installation Component helps a user come up with package repository. This software helps users take advantage of the packages again, whether to uninstall or install the application programs.

With this software package, you can:

  • Use predefined templates in deploying software programs
  • Uninstall software programs with EXE and MSI formats
  • Schedule software programs deployment process

System Requirement for Remote Installation Component

For a smooth and problem-free operation while using Remote Installation Component, users must comply with the system requirement set for this software. Basically, prospective users of this application program should use Windows Operating System, which is the main requirement before one can utilize all the features and benefits of this software. You can trust the quality and perfect service of this program package if you just adhere to the system requirement made for it. Remote Installation Program is the best software to remotely monitor software installation and computer activities from distant places. Windows OS is the best match for this program if you like to use it hassle-free.


Whenever your company needs to monitor every sort of installation and updates of software, as well as computer activities made from remote places, the best program to use is Remote Installation Component. This application program from Award Software is the right choice for all your monitoring and tracking needs of the entire business organization.


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