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June 12, 2013Utilities


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When you ask people what their biggest concern is about computers and the internet, you often hear the same thing. They want to make sure that everything they do is secure. Privacy Drive is one of the best ways to fulfill that need.
The internet is a very public place. Privacy Drive is designed to allow people to communicate freely without having to worry about distance or the borders of countries. The free flow of information is one of the things that draw many people to the internet.

How to Protect Information

As the use of the internet as a way of doing business and storing information becomes more prevalent, the need to keep some of the information private is also growing. If you do not take the steps to protect the information that you have put on your computer, you will not be keeping it private for long. The best way to secure your information is through software such as Privacy Drive.

Privacy Drive allows the users to protect all of their files, folders and private information through the use of encryption software. The software allows you to encrypt your files as you are working on them. Privacy Drive is very easy to set up and to use. You will not have to worry about anyone seeing your information that is not authorized to do so.

Encrypting your information is only one of the things that this software is capable of. It will also allow you to create multiple volumes of your information. These will be stored on virtual disks that act like additional hard drives.

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What will you Notice

The software does all of the work automatically. You do not have to take any extra steps to secure or to read your secured information. Privacy Drive does it all for you without you even noticing. One of the issues that some people have with encrypted files is the inability to use them in other places. The files are accessible from the computer they were created on, but there is no way to give that access to other computers. With Privacy Drive you can email or upload your encrypted files where you need them to be. You can store the files on external hard drives or with cloud servers.

All of this means one basic thing. You can keep your data safe, but you can also access wherever you need it. You can take the information with you and know that it will still be as secure as it can possible be.


Your computer is at risk anytime that you use it. Hackers can find ways to get into your files, and can find out the personal information that you have in your files. A basic security program is not enough to prevent this from happening. You need to make sure that your information is safe and secure by encrypting it.
The software is perfect for business or personal solutions. Privacy Drive will work on computers that use the Windows operating system. You can try a 15 day free trial to see if it will work for you. Once you have tried this software, you will realize that it is an important addition that you need to keep all of your information private.


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