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Printfil, a print tool or software, is a program that can be operated on systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX or any other operating system that can print. With the help of Printfil, applications that are character based can easily be printed on Windows printer. Moreover, the program has the ability to print on certain network printers which include USB, PDF writers and Faxmodems regardless of the operating systems. Nonetheless, it is possible for the program to print files in PDF format and also encrypt documents.

The program is easily adjustable of printing an Ascii file or you can have your Printfil hooked up to one or more aligned port output. Whenever you are about to print something, the program will provide with an option to take view of the document and customize the layout, if needed. This view also includes the background images or logos and thus be adjusted in accordance to your needs or requirements if you find any issue. The Printfil program is a shareware version which is available in English.

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Features Cum Advantages of Printfil Software

With the software in hand, the users can be benefited with a number of features as well as advantages of using the program. These include:

  • Archive Print Jobs: It is very easy for users to archive their print job with the help of this program.
  • Print Preview: Customization of the document about to be printed is possibly easy as you get the option to preview it before the printing process takes place. The preview option is a great way to save in on some ink as well as paper if something needs correction in the document.
  • GDI Printers: It is not always necessary to buy top of the line, fully loaded with extensive features printers that can cost a fortune. You can also use printers that are cheap like the GDI printers (for Windows-Only).
  • Merge: You have the option to merge certain standard images like EMF and BMP to all the textual printing jobs that you do in order to get rid of the forms that have been pre-printed.
  • PDF Export & Emailing Facility: With the ability to export to PDF format and email it, including password protection (with or without any user intervention) and encryption, you are enabled to send your print jobs with a more professional look.
  • Direct Printing: You have the option to print directly to fax printers instead of using a printing sheet, getting it scanned or going all the way to a store, waiting in a queue for your turn to a fax machine.


There are not many disadvantages associated with Printfil software.


Printfil is software that will come extremely in handy. Being able to work with almost any operating system, the program allows users to get their printing job completed within no time.


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