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Regardless of the reason that the command prompt of Microsoft Windows is very primitive, yet more users at this time are still using it. Aside from that, you can find many programs that are using the command prompt until now, particularly applications from way back then. A few people depend on these types of software packages for the purpose of work completion.

To the contrary, even if it is that widely-used, this primitive Command Prompt appears extremely hard to utilize and needs someone to have a bit of experience. The good thing to know is that you can find a substitute for this and that’s how PowerCmd works. Like what the name is suggesting, PowerCmd is an enhanced and latest CMD software program versions that comes with a diverse number of features that makes it simple to use.
On the other side, regardless if it appears almost the same, they also have many differences. There are diverse numbers of PowerCmd features you can take advantage of.

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Initially speaking, the variation is the displayed line number on every line’s left side, which makes it simple to detect a particular command, in situations you have to choose from them all. The next thing to consider is that both background hue and text is changeable, which makes the text more readable.

Anticipations from PowerCmd

You can find unlimited tabs within PowerCmd program. When you’re at point, it’s just like you’re opening many CMD programs all at once, wherein every program comes with their respective commands. By doing this, it becomes simple to operate with a diverse number of programs at the same time, which saves both effort and time. Every command you typed are instantly saved to serve as log file for analytic purposes later.

The user of this program can opt for saving the current program’s state should you close it or can opt for choosing to totally have another set of session upon restarting it. PowerCmd comes with more than the best features compared to the CMD program in the past. Aside from that, you can modify the background and text hue. Moreover, you can find unlimited CMD session opened and navigating them in between is made easy through the help of tabs.

PowerCmd System Requirements

Before using PowerCmd, you must consider using the best OS requirements such as:

  • Microsoft Windows NT
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000


This application tool is perfect to use with all Windows OS versions, which includes Windows 7, 98 and XP. In addition, it will take around 4 megabytes of space on hard disk and it comes with straightforward process of installation. Initially, users will get to notice regarding the program’s platform is akin to the primitive CMD software tool but it comes with more advanced features.


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