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PartitionGuru refers to an incredible data recovery tool and partition management software. This powerful helps users achieve numerous goals. Some of these are get lost partitions and files, deal with partitions both GPT and MBR enabled, delete files permanent deletion of files, restore, and backup partition table etc. With this great software, users can also restore and backup windows partitions and systems, come up with rescue bootable flash disks, boot personal computer with the DOS version of PartitionGuru. Clearly, with this software, you can surely be able to perform countless tasks. There is no doubt about that.

PartitionGuru supports a wide range of other softwares/applications. These include Virtual PC, VirtualBox and VMware. It supports memory cards, USB disks, SATA drive, SCSI, IDE etc. the software also supports FAT 12/ EXT3/NTFS/FAT32/FAT16 among other file systems.

Upon finding lost partition, all its features are usually displayed. Individuals can check the type and size of the partitions using PartitionGuru. In addition to this, you can also preview and browse all folders and files checking whether the partition is the lost one. This is quite magical as users are able to get crucial information about partitions.

There is no better software for recovering deleted files than PartitionGuru. With this software, users can easily get their formatted and deleted files within minutes. It is sad that most individuals have no backup systems to backup their files. Moreover, most people normally do not have anti-virus systems in their computers. All these make their files prone to destruction by virus and system crash. The good thing is that with PartitionGuru, you can surely recover all your files easily. This is regardless of the operating system one is using.

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You can permanently delete any unwanted files using this software. What this means is that you cannot restore such files in future. On top of this, users can also delete any locked or undeletable files. You must be willing to learn how this feature works in order to be successful at using it.


As indicated earlier, you can manage Virtual Personal Computer virtual discs, VirtualBox and VMware using PartitionGuru. The software supports all image versions. Users can operate their virtual discs just like using a general hard drive. Some of the supported functions include partition management, recovering lost files and partitions etc. Clearly, this is a must have software for any tech savvy individuals. It helps in a huge array of functions. there is no doubt about that.


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