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February 22, 2013Utilities


Odboso PhotoRetrieval Coupon

Remember how many times happened that you lost your favorite photos? If this did not happen with you then possible you are still lucky or possible this was not the case. Anyway if you ever will lose you favorite photos you should know that any of them can be recovered. Even if many will tell you that this is impossible, I want to prove you the opposite. Does not matter where your photos was located on your hard drive, external hard drive, memory drive, flash drive, cam or others you should know that always exist a way to solve this problem.

By the begin many users become disappointed and fed up of searching because everything they search simple do not work or do not bring the wanted results. I was one of such users which made a lot of mistakes by the beginning but now I am ready to share my experience with you.

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How I found Odboso PhotoRetrieval software?

My memory card suddenly broken but there was many very important pictures which I can not afford to lose. In order to search for a solution I opened a search engine and started to search for software capable to recover my files. My first mistake was that I search for photo recovery software instead of file recovery software. For sure there should not be a big difference, because any photo represents a file. Anyway I recommend you to search always exactly for the term you are looking for because even a very small difference can always change everything. The second my mistake but I am not sure I can call this as mistake, because any user firstly will search for a free software and after for a paid software. Finally I can tell you that I tried several free software and them was not capable to read my specific photo cam memory card. After this I searched for paid photo recovery software. Between many others I found Odboso PhotoRetrieval Software.

What can I say about Odboso PhotoRetrieval?

The software is easy to use. The wizard is very intuitive and I was able to recover with it more than 2 GB without to read any guides. This happen quickly and all my photos was recovered. So how this software is different from the others? I do not want to say that it is fully different or it has something the others do not have. All is very simple. With it I was able to recover all my photos so I decided to stop on it. Finally my goal was to recover my lost photos and nothing more. Anyway I learned a lesson and from now I will have always a backup of any photos which are very important for me.


I hope my review will help you and will save a lot of your time because until you can find the right software can pass from several hours up to some days.


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