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August 28, 2014Utilities


NetVizor Network Surveillance Coupon

Go for a personal or corporate network monitoring, award-winning, supervising and powerful solution today! NetVizor Network Surveillance is the best choice of software package because it lets the admin to thoroughly check the network as a whole coming from a centralized area through its intuitive platform of ‘point and click’. As soon as you started using NetVizor Network Surveillance all throughout the entire network system, you are able to effortlessly see logs, as well as modify the settings of your personal computer even if it’s located remotely by means of a centralized system.

NetVizor Network Surveillance is a comprehensive software package for the purpose of surveillance management for the entire network system. Now, through the help this application program, you can thoroughly check a network as a whole coming from a single location. If you’re looking for an up to date monitoring tool for the entire network and a powerful surveillance program for a network, then NetVizor Network Surveillance is the best option you may want to consider.

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Great Things to Note about NetVizor Network Surveillance

Through this software package, you can check the whole network coming from a single area. NetVizor Network Surveillance lets users trace every user on the network and their designated workstations, which usually logged in on diverse personal computers within a network. NetVizor Network Surveillance is a combination of capabilities for admin remotely, monitoring every user, and remote surveillance on a real-time.

For all these reasons stated, NetVizor Network Surveillance package is a very reliable solution when it comes to security and is also an extremely complete monitoring tool for networks in general. This program comes with keystroke monitoring tool you can use to check as well as log every keystrokes together with a timestamp and the window you entered.

With NetVizor Network Surveillance, you can check and log every PC session you have online, which is usually in line with diverse connections on TCP, as well as Chat messaging tool, POP3, HTTP, FTP and more. You may likewise check and log every conversation on chat coming from ICQ, Windows Live, YM, AIM, and AOL itself. You can also monitor the activity done on every website by logging every website that frequently visited by well-known browsers, including AOL, Opera, Netscape and IE. With NetVizor Network Surveillance, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Checking the whole network from a single area
  • Tracing of every user on the network
  • Reliable security solution
  • Comprehensive network monitoring tool

NetVizor Network Surveillance’s PC and Operating System Requirements

For those planning to start using NetVizor Network Surveillance, they must adhere to what the software maker required people to use. If you really like to use NetVizor Network Surveillance successfully, then you may take note of the following PC and operating system requirements given below.

  • 1st class Pentium computer
  • Microsoft Windows IP/TCP
  • Hard disk space 100 megabytes
  • Microsoft Windows OS – Vista/XP/7/8


NetVizor Network Surveillance likewise can help you log every program running on your personal computer. Both times of execution and complete names of a file are logged. Moreover, this software package can help you see the opened documents by users on the network, as well as capturing screenshots, logging of password and many more.


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