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September 16, 2013Utilities


Log Parser Lizard Coupon

Log Parser is an extremely versatile and powerful query management software tool. This incredible software offers universal query admission to information/data which is text based, for example, XML files, CSV and log files. In addition to this, users of this software can also gain access to vital information sources on Microsoft Windows OS, like the registry, the event log, the Active Directory Services, the IIS log, and the file system. The fact that the command-line interface is relatively less intuitive, led to the creation of Log Parser Lizard. This is a GUI tool that comes in handy in the management of queries. It also helps in exporting results to charts and Excel.

Whichever information you thought was inaccessible is now more than accessible. It employs the use of high class technology to dig through any information in your log files. The fact that it is more than effective in doing this will leave you all smiles. This software accesses your data efficiently through the use of SQL queries and does not store any log data into the database.

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What Log Parser Lizard does

So most people might be asking themselves why use the Log Parser Lizard? Well, the answer to this is very interesting and yet convincing. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft does some things in a very funny manner. This tech giant came up with an amazing software package which is not supported and extremely difficult to use. Even the most experienced IT administrators have a hard time using this software. The name of this software is Microsoft Log Parser 2.2. What makes this software a hard nut to crack is the fact that it has a stubborn knotty command-line interface. To solve this problem, enter Log Parser Lizard.

Log Parser Lizard acts as leverage to the technology offered by Microsoft. It is true to say that this software is high quality and is great at whatever it does. It allows users to view the data they want in a consolidated format. This is what every IT professional would want and is always looking for. The good thing is that you can view your data in any format you desire. You are not restricted in any way to the format you want to use.

The software also allows users to select the specific data you want to access with convenient buttons. Wow, this is more than brilliant! Individuals can fine tune the software very easily through the SQL entry field. Without a doubt, this software is pre-populated with the most appropriate query for the convenience of the person using it.


Any IT professional or administrator ought to try Log Parser Lizard for purposes of query management. It is a software that will help you manage and access your data effectively. For sure, you will not regret using it.


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