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September 28, 2013Utilities


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Popularly known as email extractor, this shareware software is a must have for business professionals. The usefulness of this software beats the user’s expectations. The most selling software in the contemporary software market needs to be powerful, fast and reliable. The world is a global village, and virtually all literate people in the world have an internet connection. Therefore, online marketing is the way to go, and businessmen and women have to embrace this current trend, otherwise they will be redundant.

The features, uses and cons provided here is just a tip of the iceberg, but they are the most likable attributes of the software. With the ever changing technology, change is inevitable but this information will suffice for now. ListGrabber Standard is used to extract business contact lists from the internal built telemarketing, email and mail lists as well as signatures, spreadsheets and documents.

B2B and B2C email address capture extracts email, fax, name and phone number of prospects from the websites, online directories (yellow, super pages and white pages, and membership directories) and other digital sources. ListGrabber Standard harvests contacts and email addresses from websites. By so doing the software enhances email marketing it’s used by business professionals to build a prospect database within a short period of time. Recruiting professionals use it to get for prospective candidates contacts online.

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ListGrabber Standard Features

It is fast, and can extract details in seconds. ListGrabber Standard does duplicate check. Unstructured data can also be captured. It has the option of extracting just the email addresses. It’s powerful and reliable. It works as a simple one click operation. ListGrabber Standard outputs data in form of a list for review. The information is available in different formats. User interface is simple and the settings and operation are easy. It has been tested and tuned to work with all websites.

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Are you a business person looking for a solution to your advertisement and recruiting problems? Then you are in the right place. Here are the salient features, uses pros and cons of the fastest, powerful, and simple and user friendly software available in the market. The hassle is over. Ask the experts for the click of a button solution that serves your all the way, and keeps you up to date through upgrade reminders. Most importantly, this software is licensed under shareware and one doesn’t need to spend a fortune to get it. Do not hesitate to check.

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This software has a flip side also. Sometimes, it’s tedious and distracting and the continuous reminders to upgrade is boring.


ListGrabber standard is a well designed and easy to use software package that serves a useful purpose.


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