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Infix PDF Editor Coupon

PDF used to be a challenge for any business, but not anymore. With Infix PDF Editor, it has become as simple as editing a MS Word document. The commercial software allows you to view and edit your PDF documents just like a word processor. While most PDF files contain fragments of texts, allowing you to edit just a few words at a time, Infix PDF Editor makes it possible to edit entire document at once. It uses an algorithm to recreate the original structure, making it possible to edit the document just as you would any other MS Word file. You can edit texts across columns, as well as pages. You can manipulate graphics and images, too. With Infix PDF Editor, you don’t need to convert your PDF files into other formats anymore. You can make the necessary changes directly. It saves you the time spent printing forms and penciling in details, scanning, and printing again just to have your PDF document filled-in or edited.

System Requirements

Infix PDF Editor is compatible with PC and Macintosh. For PC, it works with Windows 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It is compatible with 64-bit versions as well. You need minimum 512 MB RAM, 1GB, and 60MB free disk space. For Macintosh, the software is compatible with an Intel-based processor that runs at least MacOSX 105. You need 200MB of free disc space, and 1MB RAM.

Main Features

Infix PDF Editor allows users to export a PDF document in a format that is suitable for computer-assisted translation. Then, the translated version can be imported back in the original document, and each paragraph will return to its original location. Plus, it can convert your PDF file to XML, RTF, or HTML. Infix PDF Editor includes PDF photo albums, PDF merge, and many other conversion tools. You can make comments on your texts; add sticky notes, signatures, and text highlights. It features tabs, rulers, spell checking, and search and replace tools, just like any other text processing software.

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Trial Version

The trial version of the software has the same features as the licensed version. However, it will add a watermark to all edited pages. But once you purchase the fully-licensed version, you can remove the watermarks. Users can choose between three trial versions: Pro, which includes all available functions, Standard, featuring the basic tools, and Form-filler, which comes with a small set of tools allowing users to fill-in PDF forms.

Acrobat 8 cannot display Cyrillic fonts correctly. Neither can the popular PDF editors. But Infix PDF Editor can. Plus, it is much cheaper than most popular PDF editing software. Most editors do not allow users to fix errors unless they restart the editing process and recreate the original content all over. In short, it allows you to open, edit, and save a PDF document just as you would any other MS Word file, all with a familiar word-processing interface.

There’s always room for improvement, and Infix PDF Editor should come up with a better solution for the way files are joined together after being edited But overall, it is a very complex PDF editor with numerous features and relatively easy to use. So there are really no negative aspects and no real cons when it comes to the fully-licensed software.


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