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March 29, 2014Utilities


Handy Recovery Coupon

One of the premier software companies in the virtual market today, Softlogica, has now introduced and launched to the public their reliable and noteworthy file recovery application program by the name of Handy Recovery. This software can help users recover diverse types of files, which may include camera cards’ image files. For a successful and smooth restoration of files from both encrypted and compressed drives of NTFS. Handy Recovery can easily retrieve and restore NTFS file types when you test in on Windows 7 operated personal computers and come to learn that it can locate as well as recover files that were deleted.

In addition, not like various other programs used for file recovery purposes, Handy Recovery can show a few files with authentic names that makes file searching much easier. With this application program, you can guarantee that you can smoothly retrieve and restore files derived from either reformatted or deleted partitions that come from the recycle bin that was empty, at the same time, this software can help you retrieve and restore files that were deleted. Another task that this software can do as well is known as “Deferred Recovery” process. This refers to the damage disk image creation ability and for the purpose of restoring files after perusing the said image.

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While using Handy Recovery, you’ll definitely come to learn more beneficial things that this software can offer. Buy Handy Recovery today to experience a smooth and effortless recovery of lost files or folders on your computer system.

What You Can Expect from Handy Recovery

If you accidentally deleted or removed a file from your Windows-operated personal computer, the best move you can do is to use a software program that can help you recover or retrieve them without any hassles on your part. With this in mind, the best software application you may use is Handy Recovery. By using this program, you can effortlessly recover image files from your SD/CF/SM cards, as well as see the window that shows lost files’ real contents. Handy Recovery can help users retrieve and recover files coming from deleted and corrupted partitions or deferred recovery of disk images you have created. Handy Recovery is the best solution for recovering files such as media card images.

With Handy Recovery, users can expect the following advantages, such as:

  • Single click button filter to reveal files that were deleted only
  • A disk content browser with Explorer-format disk revealing lost files
  • Deleted folders structure restoration
  • Recycle Bin-free deleted file recovery mechanism

Handy Recovery Operating System Requirements

In order to run Handy Recovery smoothly and trouble-free, you need to use the right operating system for your personal computer. This software application goes well if your PC uses popular Windows OS versions. Below are the Windows operating systems you need to take advantage of using Handy Recovery.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 9X

Whenever you need to recover your deleted or lost files stored in the folders of your personal computer, the best program to use is Handy Recovery. For this reason, it’s beneficial for you to get your own copy of Handy Recovery to keep your files and folders intact. Grab your copy of this wonderful software today!


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