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April 21, 2015Utilities


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gBurner comes with easy to use and simple platform that completely supports pasting, copying to clipboards, dragging and dropping, as well as menu contexts. When it comes to a software package you can use for burning BDs, DVDs and Compact Discs, gBurner is above all programs. This application tool lets users come up with, as well as burn discs in different formats and platforms.

It comes with more programs for authoring and it is the best software package for burning DVDs and CDs. Get the one that is user friendly and extremely powerful software to burn your videos saved in diverse multimedia disc formats. With the help of gBurner, users can easily make their own audio and data files in whatever format you have in mind.

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Expectations of gBurner

Go for the completely featured software in the likes of gBurner for effortless multimedia and data creation in DVD and Compact Disc. Also, this application program comes with the best features all users will definitely vouch for. gBurner comes with fantastic and very helpful features that are beneficial to all users, regardless if they are professionals or experts, or even those who are just starting to use this software package.

This comes with intuitive interface for whatever purpose you have in mind based on the rule of its use. This type of software application is supporting all sorts of audio and sound format files, as well as it can delete disc that are rewritable. At the same time, it helps users build drives in USB format that you can boot when needed. Now with gBurner, you can take advantage of the following software advantages:

  • User friendly and simple to use platform
  • File layout optimization for the purpose of saving spaces on your disc
  • Supports different sound formats
  • Duplicates different multimedia disc formats
  • Makes Compact Disc and other similar discs bootable
  • Supports various types of discs
  • Supports major international languages and dialects.

Operating and Computer System Requirements

To run gBurner smoothly on your PC, it needs to use the best Microsoft Windows operating systems. Below are the ideal OS requirements for gBurner.

  • Microsoft Windows NT version 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 8-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8-32 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7-32 bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista-32 bit
  • Microsoft Windows XP-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows XP-32 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 2000

PC System

  • DVD or Compact Disc recording tool
  • Hard disk 10 megabytes space
  • Memory with 64 megabytes
  • 166 megahertz or higher Intel Pentium


Now with gBurner, users can effortlessly come up with discs in diverse session process, as well as transform data to make it bootable in different multimedia disc interfaces. In terms of using a program for images in a disc, gBurner is the one you may rely on since it can perform different techniques and processes for images with BIN and ISO formats. If you want to use a dependable and superb quality processing program for multimedia disc formats, gBurner is the only software you can give your trust. gBurner can help you burn just any sort of video files you have in mind.


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