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Folder Lock Coupon

No computer user in this world would like their personal files, documents, folders, drives or anything relevant to their desktop, laptop or notebook become a waste, ruined, altered or invaded by anyone else, right? Due to this reason, an online software company by the name of Netsoftwares has come up with extremely beneficial and user-friendly software with the likes of Folder Lock that can help you secure and protect all your data or information on your computer. Aside from protecting and securing your PC system from all virtual dangers, you can rest assure that you can lessen or even get rid of changes, deletion or removal of your files because it’s all password-protected.

In just a click of the mouse, you can totally lock everybody’s access to your folder and files, steer clear of unauthorized outside or anonymous access, protects essential information, effectively control your children’s or other person’s actions, protect icons on your desktop, and expect reliable protection from all computer viruses. This is how Folder Lock works and you can guarantee that nobody can invade your privacy ever! You may start using Folder Lock today to experience these great PC protection advantages.

Benefits that Folder Lock Can Offer its Users

There are many benefits that Folder Lock can offer its prospective users. These benefits can surely help the computer user or owner completely protects and secures his/her system from all dangers of malicious software, viruses, hacker invasion as well as Trojan attack. No wonder, if you begin to use Folder Lock computer protection software on your PC, full protection is greatly assured!

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Here are some of the best qualities you can count on by using Folder Lock in your computer system.

  • Regular history cleaning process
  • File shredding routine
  • Wallet setup
  • protection of emails, compact disc, and USB files
  • Encrypted file backup security
  • Folders and file encryption
  • Drives, folders and file locking system

Computer System Requirements While Using Folder Lock

If you’re planning to use this valuable software on your computer then run it with Windows Operating System whether it’s Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. For this reason, people who are looking forward to use Folder Lock must have a PC, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or notebook that is running under Windows OS. Make it a point before using Folder Lock in your computer or any other similar devices that Windows is running as your PCs operating system. Remember that Windows OS is a main requirement before you can use Folder Lock.


Folder Lock is definitely the best security tool as well as computer data and file protection software because it can really safeguard all important information from within the PC system. Because it provides all its users a personalized password, they can put their worries away by keeping in mind that nobody else can invade their private information, as well as their files, documents, data, drives and many other related factors, even icons on their desktop or laptop screens. In general, this software package from Netsoftwares brings a lot of benefits and advantages to all its users since it completely protects and secures the entire computer system.


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