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February 18, 2013Utilities


DRMBuster Ultra Video Coupon

A few days ago I reviewed another software equivalent to this one. I think for the moment I will not run a test to compare them until I will not have at least 10 such reviewed products. Before I will be able to tell you more you should know that this software is for conversion of media files from one type to another also it will allow you to remove the DRM. DRM or Digital Rights Management is technology used to protect media files.

By media files we will understand audio or video files. Any of these audio or video files can be protected or unprotected. As example of unprotected audio files format can serve: wav, mp3 and many other. As example of unprotected video files format can serve: mp4, avi and many other.

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Why we have protected and unprotected file formats?

Unprotected file formats are for free share while protected are for sale. Just think how a media company will survive in this world if everything will be free. I think this is why we should pay for such type of media files and I think this is the single way how we can contribute to their success and to development of a new content like: music or movies. On the other hand this protection called DRM limit the users to watch the media files like they want and where they want even if them paid for this. As you know almost of these media files are linked to special devices or software so if the user want to watch a file with the player he want and on the device he want then he can run into troubles.

Why and How DRMBuster Ultra Video can help?

First of all due to the protection embedded into such type of media files, so the solution is DRMBuster Ultra Video software. I suppose you will want to ask me if this is legal or not. I can assure you that this is fully legal until you will not share these files. Just think you paid for them and now you have full right to play them on the device you want and with the player you want. So DRMBuster Ultra Video software will not only remove the protection but also will allow you to convert any of these files to the format you want because it come with a lot of support for different audio and video formats.


I think this is a full solution for somebody who needs something capable to convert any media files from one format to another and in case one of these files will have a protection then this software will help you to remove it.


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