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DiskPatch Coupon

This software package instantly fixes boot sectors, as well as missing, damaged or corrupt tables’ partition. DiskPatch is safe, easy and quick to use. It is very easy to run DiskPatch on your personal computer since it operates from a DVD/Compact Disc, automatic start type of diskette or USB device. It’s easy to use! All you have to do is to start your personal computer with issues to fix through your chosen bootable disk and in an instant, DiskPatch starts. The manual of DiskPatch software comes with an easy-to-operate system to begin with everything in a snap.

Through advanced hard disk surface scanning operation, the internal system error management of the disk can perform the re-mapping of bad sectors as soon as they are met. Hard disks come with spares pool to take the place of bad sector or sectors.You can also give DiskPatch a try first by using its demo edition to figure out if the software application can run smoothly on your PC, if it is able to detect hard disks physically, as well as perform detection of inaccessible volumes. At the same time, the demo edition of DiskPatch lets users perform scanning of the surface to help them have an idea of the physical status of the disk.

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Expectations of DiskPatch

The best move to make is allowing DiskPatch perform disk scanning. As soon as the application program gets done with the scanning process, users can distinguish then choose intact and damaged partitions they want to access following a repair then DiskPatch will take care of everything. This software package likewise comes with a few other potent features, which include reduced-level formatting or disk wiping, cloning disk to disk, a safe surface scan for a disk, as well as disk editing system. With the help of DiskPatch, users can effortlessly repair the issues mentioned without any hassle by taking advantage of the following:

  • Instant repair of boot sectors
  • Instant repair of missing, damaged or corrupt partition table
  • Safe, easy and quick to use
  • Very easy to run on PC since it operates using DVD/Compact Disc, automatic start type of diskette or USB device
  • Reduced-level formatting or disk wiping
  • Clones disk to disk
  • Safe surface scanning for a disk
  • Disk editing system.

Operating and PC System Requirements

DiskPatch requires the best Apple Macintosh OS and Microsoft Windows OS versions, respectively. Below are the ideal operating systems that can work smoothly with DiskPatch.

Apple Macintosh

  • Mac Operating System version 8

Microsoft Windows

  • MS Windows ME
  • MS Windows 98
  • MS Windows SE
  • MS Windows 95
  • MS Windows DOS


With DiskPatch’s demo edition, users may come up with a file of support log then send them to the support group, which include a brief description of the issue then they will get a comprehensively detailed solution. Bear in mind that DiskPatch scan surface will keep the safety of the data. Also, DiskPatch offers patching or editing to alter the contents of the disk directly.


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