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December 10, 2014Utilities


Directory List & Print Pro Coupon

Now, you can perform printing of tree directory, clipboard copying, as well as HTML, Word or Excel is exported through the help of the best software package by the name of irectory List & Print ProD. As you copy the listing directory to the clipboard, you can export them into different programs or directly open them in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Excel as well as Word. This software package is intended for Microsoft Windows users for them to list and print directory.

You can easily embed this program in Windows Explorer’s context menu for the speedy appearance of directory structure you have requested. To add up with printing, exporting, as well as a tree directory printing process, this software package includes a broad array of beneficial functions for many users. The lists of video files and MP3 are displayable with the length’s data and facts. You can freely choose the subdirectories’ depth requested. You can individually define lists display and set them up through diverse filter preference and selection. For those who wish to perform folders and files listing on MS Windows, you may come to realize that it actually never included this sort of feature.

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Should you ever need to come up with a folders’ list or files’ list, you are covered by Directory List & Print Pro. Literally speaking, the software package may take a few seconds to run and keep going. Without you need to perform its installation process, you can smoothly and directly run Directory List & Print Pro through EXE file running and unpacking.
The best thing to know regarding this software package is the fact it comes with an extremely easy to use wizard that directly puts you by means of several easy steps. The best thing with regards to this software package is the fact it’s available in different type of versions. This application program is registered as a Microsoft Windows platform and OS Shareware from the software to organize files. Through the use of Directory List & Print Pro, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Indication of directories and files on the list
  • File name display without or with file extension
  • File name display without or with path directory
  • File size display
  • Recent time of modification display
  • Recent date of modification display

Operating System Requirements for Directory List & Print Pro

Ahead of using Directory List & Print Pro, you must make it a point that your personal computer is running using the operating system on the list, as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows XP


Directory List & Print Pro information offers timestamps, sizes of files, path folder and diverse other sorts of attributes, files the total number of folders, numbering rows and checksum CRC. The software procedures’ output may come in the form of files in CSV format handled in diverse programs, plain text, worksheets in Excel or documents in MS Word.


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