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August 6, 2015Utilities


Data Logger Suite Coupon

Now, data monitoring and logging will never be easier again with the help of Data Logger Suite. This software package is completely featured to use for data series saving, logging and monitoring coming from DDE or Modem data platform, SMS, SQL, OPC, UDP, IP/TCP, as well as RS232. Compared to diverse other tools used for logging data, Data Logger Suite is the best software application of its kind. Data Logger Suite gets data coming from all sorts of gadgets linked through an interface of OPC format or ports with UDP format and many other related formats. Data Logger Suite is definitely limitless solution in terms of monitoring all sorts of data or info series. This application program comes with parallel logging system for data purposes.
Among the best features of this software package is the fact it can simultaneously examine interface series, as well as log obtained information concurrently through them. Data Logger Suite definitely supports diverse protocols then treats all of them that makes operating with them turns out to be more transparent and similar. Data logging parallelism never need any sort of setting and functions with diverse gadgets and tools that have connection to all the ports collectively.

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Expectations of Data Logger Suite

Data Logger Suite is a real time file logging system that is it’s very essential mechanism. This application program checks all sorts of information series sent to and fro right away in real-time that can save every part to an information base system. Data Logger Suite guarantees users that they will be no missed data bits sent coming from devices, notwithstanding its connected interface. Through the use of Data Logger Suite, you will definitely enjoy the best advantages such as these:

  • Friendly to all users
  • Includes a mode exclusively for servicing purposes
  • Comes with plug-ins used for exporting data
  • Offers plug-ins for querying info or data
  • Comprehensive features for all logging needs.

Operating and Computer Systems Requirements

Data Logger Suite is a software package that requires your personal computer to use the ideal Microsoft Windows OS versions. Below are the best operating systems you need to use for Data Logger Suite.

  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows NT
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows 7


If you are looking for a software package that you can use to log all sorts of data on a real-time, Data Logger Suite can do the job for you. With this software package, users can record and save data series then keep them in all sorts of info base platform, which includes database compatible with ODBC format, dBase, Access, Oracle, MySQL, as well as MSSQL. Furthermore, this application tool is able to directly export all sorts of information into worksheet in Excel that comes with DDE based platform.


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