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June 16, 2013Utilities


CleanMyPC Coupon

Is your PC running slower than it used to when you first bought it? You might want to try out this registry repair software that helps clean up you registry making your machine run as good as new.You may have realized that your PC takes time to start up, takes time to open a program, and basically takes time to do anything you want it to do.

Well, it might not yet be the time to send it to PC heaven because you can remedy the situation.What you require is a registry clean up using a registry clean up software. This is where CleanMyPC software comes in. This is a user friendly software that offers one-click solutions for the user.

First and foremost, you need to understand that the cleanup is done by removing unnecessary files. The question is what is considered unnecessary? You need to get cleanup software that will not cleanup your vital files.

CleanMyPc that the information to be cleaned is not vital to the operation of your system. It does this by dividing the detected errors into categories which it then gives details of and provides access to each of the error categories.
CleanMyPc is a one click solutions software if you were to consider the easy maneuverability of the software. The program offers four functions which are located on the left of the screen when you start up the program.

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These include:

  • Scan and Clean
  • Backup and Restore
  • Startup Organizer
  • Internet Explorer BHOs.

These simple options make the running of the software a very clear cut process. All you have to do is select one of the above functionalities.

CleanMyPc Features

CleanMyPc offers an Auto Start manager feature which allows you to decide which programs should run when your machine starts up. Some programs are unnecessary during startup and this program helps you do away with such. Another feature is the BHO which is an add-in standing for Browser Helper Objects. This is used on Internet Explorer allowing for you to add certain functions like a search bar on your web page. Unfortunately some BHOs can come with spyware and CleanMyPc helps one disable any of these adware or spyware. The software also comes with an Explorer Guard which prevents your PC from getting hijacked while you are online. The program will also allow for you to backup your Windows registry.

When it comes to safety, we can safely say that there are no issues during and after installation. The program comes with a help segment which gives access to the user manual and guide. In the event of any serious encounters, the program also offers email support.

CleanMyPc Downside

In as much as we’ve had a lot to say about how good the program is, it still comes with a couple of down sides and this includes:

  • Inability to explain individual errors once detected. An expert user will know what to do about certain errors but a novice will be left hanging with knowledge of the problem but no solution offered.
  • The biggest problem with the program could be the fact that the license is limited to only one user considering a slightly hefty price tag.
    All in all, when compared to other registry cleaners, CleanMyPc out-performs them in terms of what it can do and should be your choice of registry cleaner if you need it for single PC use.


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