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August 22, 2014Utilities


Backup Platinum Coupon

When it comes to backup tools such as Amazon S3, Backup Platinum is the major recipient of this platform. Because of this software package, users are allowed to keep their backups secured and safe at the same time while letting them access information from any places. For those with Amazon account focusing on web sort of services, they are never required to settle additional payment for using a solution on web-based backup program. If for any reason you don’t have an account with Amazon, it’s so easy to make one because it only takes you a few minutes to do it.
With Backup Platinum, you can easily utilize corresponding tools for writing as well as compatible media formats such as DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, CDRW or CDR. Backups in larger capacity are divided automatically into diverse parts, and at the same time, by using spinning disk, you can save them on a few disks.

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Additionally, storage tools such as local devices and hard drives can help you save data on a diverse number of personal computers in your LAN or on your FTP website remotely. At the same time, users can perform the synchronization on an FTP website folder remotely, as well as transfer data to all available directions. Through the use of Backup Platinum, you are able to easily compress your data during their storage process to lower the incidence of traffic on the network, as well as you can effortlessly save space on your disk.

The Things You May Anticipate from Backup Platinum

You are able to either perform the separate file compression process or storage of bulky files into one archive in ZIP format. Also, this software package can help you come up with ZIP file passwords that are protected. Backup Platinum By using this application program, users are able to shield their backup file with an encryption of 128-bit formatted in Blowfish.

You can use this program independently or with compression in ZIP format. In every sort of cases, no one can easily have access to the data you kept without using your personalized pass code. With Backup Platinum, users were able to schedule their file backup process at the time that’s very convenient to them. As an illustration, users can opt to transfer their files on a weekend or before midnight. With Backup Platinum, expect the following benefits:

  • A scheduler that is both powerful and flexible
  • Encryption with Blowfish and 128 bits
  • ZIP compression integration
  • FTP and LAN synchronization and backup
  • Comprehensive support and disk spinning platform for Blu Ray, DVD and compact disc
  • Web-based Amazon cloud storage system backup

Backup Platinum OS Required

Ahead of using Backup Platinum, know that there only a few Windows operating systems, you can use on your personal computer.
Here are some of the best OS for Backup Platinum:

  • MS Windows 8
  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Windows Vista
  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows 2003
  • MS Windows 2000


Through Backup Platinum, users are able to indicate a diverse schedule for various folders and file sets. By using this program, you can schedule a particular timeframe on your operation and afterwards perform repetitive process daily, weekly or monthly. At the same time, users can perform operations repeatedly through any sort of scheduling.


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