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This online program is also capable of detecting workers who are into illegal possession of trade secrets then forward them to competing firms in exchange for a certain amount of money. With the help of Award Keylogger Pro, users can now uncover the real thing that involves their business to steer clear of leakage of company secrets. This software platform can serve as spying tool to further unfold the real situation at your workplace.
By using this application program, you can effortlessly spy your PC and unleash the true situation in your office. Now with the best features of Award Keylogger Pro, you will have an idea on the way other people utilized your PC in your frequent absence. For those who are using the same PC with co-workers, you have all the means to check and verify all the software, programs and websites they used during the times you are not around.

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Expectations of Award Keylogger Pro

Award Keylogger Pro can record all keystrokes to a file log. You can secretly send the file log that comes with FTP or email to a certain users. This also detects specific groups of keywords then captures the screenshot as soon as you hit the typing pad to display tidy viewer log findings.

Award Keylogger Pro will never cause mysterious latencies and gets in extremely few resources in the system. Everything that takes place is in total mode known as stealth that is why the user you monitor is unaware that he or she is being monitored. Award Keylogger Pro comes with a powerful antivirus and anti malicious ware feature that can help you stay away from all sorts of cyber invasion and computer viruses. This is probably among the best software in the marketplace today, which you can use for checking all things involving your PC and other related devices you used in your place of work. By using this application program, you may expect the best benefits such as the following:

  • Protected by password
  • Undetectable and stealthy recording and monitoring system
  • Records visited websites
  • Typed messages are logged in every chatting platform available
  • Records typed keystrokes in all sorts of programs.

Operating and Computer Systems Requirements

If you really like to start using Award Keylogger Pro, the best move you can do is to find out if your personal computer’s OS meets the software package’s requirements. Below are the best operating systems you need to run Award Keylogger Pro successfully.

  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7


Through the use of Award Keylogger Pro, you will have an idea on the manner other users did on your PC and have the know-how in protecting your personal information. For any reason, you don’t have the means to thoroughly monitor and see your PC, the best move you can do is to come up with module of installation remotely, which you can use to send an electronic mail to the right PCs or PC that needs monitoring. This software tool acts as surveillance program that you can use easily and is not seen by the human eye.


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