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November 26, 2014Utilities


Ardamax Keylogger Coupon

If you want to use a keylogging system that comes with a superb Quick Tour page and extremely simple to install then Ardamax Keylogger is the one you need. This software package’s Quick Tour page includes a specific field where users can enter the sample text as well as short directions for log viewing and put the program in a mode where you can hide it in the icon tray. You can bring out this application tool’s interface after clicking the icon tray twice then you can see the sample text becomes visible. Utilitarian is what the interface is, to the contrary, it’s very simple to comprehend. The Ardamax Keylogger’s log section shows the title of windows, the name of the application, the person using it, time, and date. This includes the pane for viewing that shows the content you’ve chosen. You can find a diverse number of choices for the purpose of log filtering. This application program’s toolbar comes with several buttons you can use to log choosing, which includes chat, web, keystrokes, and screenshots; to the contrary, there are no choices you can find to quit or commence the checking process.

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Ardamax Keylogger Purposes

The Ardamax Keylogger’s File menu comes with the exact options for logging, as well as a couple of options you may use in choosing your choice of language the view the info of “About” page. The icon tray system includes a number of settings, which includes password adding as well as program stealth mode sending. This software package is a recording tool for keystrokes you can use to capture and save the activity to a file log encrypted. With Ardamax Keylogger, you may expect the ideal benefits like:

  • Lightweight and user-friendly keylogging system
  • Controls all your personal computer’s activities and transactions
  • Comes with self-monitoring system

Ardamax Keylogger OS Requirements

Prior to using Ardamax Keylogger, you need to ensure that your personal computer is running with the use of Microsoft Windows versions such as:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 2000


You can use the potent Log Viewer to view the log file and utilize this program to uncover the activities on your PC while you’re not around, automatically keep your typed data backup or utilize it to check your children’s activities. Likewise, users can take advantage of this and serve as a checking tool in order to detect an unscrupulous accessibility. You can automatically send the logs to your electronic mailing account since the key logger access is protected by a password. Regardless, Ardamax Keylogger can log info on the web addresses visited by the user.


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