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Businesses that depend on the internet also depend on the servers that they have in place. The servers are what give people access to a website. In businesses the servers allow all of the workers to access the computer systems that the business has in place. The importance of computers in business is impossible to deny. If a computer system is not working, a business could be in serious trouble.

When it comes to the servers, a business needs to make sure they are getting the performance they need out of their servers. They want all of the employees of their business to be able to access the computers whenever they want and they need to make sure that their customers will have the access they need to help the business turn a profit. If a server is overloaded or if it crashes a business is in trouble. Thanks to the Advanced Host Monitor a business will not have to worry about that problem.

What it does

The Advanced Host Monitor will keep a tab on a networks performance on a continual basis. It also monitors a server’s availability at any time. This information can help a business work at its optimal level. The Advanced Host Monitor has over 60 test methods, and more than 30 alert methods to do this for a business. It can create customized reports that are perfect for a specific business.

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It will create different log files in a variety of formats. This allows a business to make logs that are right for their business and not just a generic log that contains some information that is not needed for a business and misses out on some information that a business may need. Advanced Host Monitor has a remote monitoring capability. This allows the people who need the access the ability to get it no matter where they are and when they are trying to do it. The Advanced Host Monitor does all of this in the background of your computer. The user can get the information they need in easy to read reports. That information can allow them to run their business that much more efficiently. It makes sense for any business that is dependent on computers to have this software.

There are five different levels of licensing that can be purchased. They are Lite, Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise with Lifetime Updates. The cost of these is related to the level of service that is provided with the Lite version being the most economical and the Enterprise with Lifetime Updates being the most expensive.

What does it Require

The user must have 25 Mb of space available and Internet Explorer 5.5 to download this software. If a business wants to be successful in today’s world, they will need to have a good computer system. If they want to know that their computers and their servers are doing their job they will rely on the Advanced Host Monitor. It is one of the smartest uses of company assets that can be made and it will pay for itself in a very short time with the information it provides.


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