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In terms of producing multi-user software products in the marketplace, MiniFrame is the company on the top of the list. This firm is concurrently developing and marketing its software technology breakthrough that allows many users to utilize only one PC doing the simple task of connecting more mouse units, PC screens and keyboards. MiniFrame’s SoftXpand software product line offers high-caliber performance, whether it is for corporate users or household customers.

For corporate users, the SoftXpand software products concentrates on diverse areas in the industry, which includes Business Process Outsourcing or Contact Centers, Graphic Designers, 3D, CAD, Sellers or Marketing Companies, Learning Institutions, Service Providers, Banks and Retail Stores. When it comes to household customers, MiniFrame’s leading software transforms a PC into an equivalent of 4 computer sets and allows 2-4 people to use one computer simultaneously.

The SoftXpand software product of MiniFrame is the perfect choice of program for people who love gaming and those who are into playing Local Area Network and Co-Op games, youngsters who are into computer sharing, as well as those who prefer using their PCs in watching television shows.

Drastically speaking, SoftXpand lowers the need of software and hardware combined, which results in remarkable reductions in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and it is considered by professionals in the industry as the best environmental Information Technology solution. This MiniFrame’s premier application program is used by more than 100,000 software users around the world.

Products for the consumers such as SoftXpand Duo, SoftXpand Home and SoftXpand Duo targets household customers and are accessible to buy on the web. On the other side, MiniFrame’s software products for commercial use includes SoftXpand Xpress and SoftXpand 2011, which are available to buy from the web or by means of partner channels worldwide that distributes SoftXpand to all types of customers.

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