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Use a relevant database management program that you can depend on when it comes to managing, browsing, editing, and many other related tasks for your databases. RazorSQL (OSX) is a software package that includes drivers used for all major types of database files. With this application program, you can successfully connect to diverse sorts of databases including SQL programming, SQL scripts, as well as JDBC databases.
By using RazorSQL (OSX) you can virtually view, drop, change, create and edit objects. At the same time, you can easily browse various databases through the help of the navigating system, as well as export and import information, and building your own queries. Through the help of RazorSQL (OSX), you can use it anywhere in the world because it supports around 20 major international languages.

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If you’re looking for a universal SQL tool for query purposes that you can use for Solaris, Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating System X, RazorSQL (OSX) is the best choice of program to use for managing databases, editing SQL, browsing databases, and for queries. This software application comes with a diverse number of purposes that can bring advantages to all its users. RazorSQL (OSX) is the best program to date when it comes to fully-controlled management of all your database files.

RazorSQL (OSX) Brings the Best Experience to All Users

For those who would like to experience the best when it comes to managing your database files, RazorSQL (OSX) is the right software you can trust. Through this program, you can easily manage SQL tools, database and database tools. Also, RazorSQL (OSX) can help you perform an editing process to your SQL. In addition, this software package can serve as the browser for your databases. Just to review, RazorSQL (OSX) brings you the features described below:

  • Database file management
  • SQL tools and database management
  • SQL editing process
  • Database browsing mechanism

The OS Your PC Needs While Running RazorSQL

If you’re planning to use RazorSQL (OSX), you need to follow the operating system requirements needed for your personal computer. Take note that in order to run this database management software well and to steer clear of problems in the future, just use the right OS for your PC. There are only 3 operating systems you can depend on while using RazorSQL (OSX). Below are 3 of the recommended operating systems to use on your personal computer for RazorSQL (OSX):

  • Macintosh OS X 10.3
  • Macintosh OS X 10.4
  • Macintosh OS X


For this reason, whatever Mac OS you’re using which are included on the list above would make running RazorSQL (OSX) smoothly. Now, if you’re looking for the best database management program, there’s nothing that can beat the performance and quality of RazorSQL (OSX). You can assure that whatever sort of database you have on your files and folder, RazorSQL (OSX) can handle all of them for you.


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