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Before computers, if you wanted to create an animated movie, you need to have a lot of artistic skills. You not only needed to know how to draw well, you also needed to be able to draw the same thing over and over again. If you decided to use other types of animation techniques, you might not have needed as much artistic skills, but you would still need a lot of time and patience to be able to capture it all on film. You also would have to spend a lot of time editing the film to get the final movie that you really wanted.

Computers have completely changed all of this. FlipBook Maker is possible to create amazing images using a computer that can be repeated over and over again with a simple push of a button. Movie studies use computer animation to help them make full length movies and to add images into real action movies that cannot be done in real life.

The movie studios use expensive computer systems to create their animated effects. The movies they create can generate hundreds of millions of dollars so the investment is worth it. Now, the amateur computer user can get software that allows them to convert their PDF images on their computer into a flash flip book. FlipBook Maker is a download that allows any computer user to create the same type of animated effects that they see on the big screen.

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What Does FlipBook Maker Do

The FlipBook Maker is easy to use software that will allow you to turn PDF files into a flip book. You can import the images from your computer into the flip book and can then edit the images the way that you want. There are plenty of templates that you can use to create images in your flip book that will rival what the professionals do. If you do not want to use the templates are provide, you can create your own custom flip book using the many tools that are included in the software. The software allows you to store the files that you create in a variety of formats that include zip files, EXE files and HTML format. The HTML format is good for publishing your creations.

What does FlipBook Maker Require

The software requires the user to have Windows Vista/XP/2000/7/2008 to operate. FlipBook Maker needs 521 MB of RAM and at least 500 MP of free space on the hard drive. A flash player 10.0 or higher is needed. In order to receive the email, Outlook Express is needed and you will have to have a windows compatible sound and 24 bit color display with 1024X768 resolution.


The support offered for this software is great. They will provide you with free upgrades for as long as you own the software. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service to get the answers that you need. This software is a great way to explore your creative side. It allows you to turn out a product that will impress and amaze anyone that sees it. It can be used for both professional and business purposes and is an outstanding program to own.


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