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Today I will review software called Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS. All know what is this SMS but not too many use this service on maximum and instead of this prefer to use other alternatives for communication like: phone call or e-mail service. The truth is that I started to use SMS service after 10 years after I bought my first mobile phone. First time I thought this is useless but after I found more about this I changed my mind. Some people use SMS for their business and really such type of business run on the same level like any other businesses. For example you can pay for some products or services via SMS, you can receive the last news via SMS, you can receive very important notifications via SMS and finally you can chat with your friends via SMS.

I am sure you know about many of such options offer you SMS service but how to be when you want to run a big and serious businesses which technically deal with a big amount of SMS. Let say you have many so called small mobile shops and each 5 minutes you should receive from them information related to the last stock which later should be analyzed.

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How Tansee IPhone Transfer SMS can help?

You will want to say me that better to buy for my partners computers with special software. Unfortunately I can not do this and my partners also can not afford this because the profit is very low in relation with the price of computers + software this is why SMS communication between us is the most affordable method here. How I managed to do this? Having a small business based on 1000 partners each of them send me the information related to current stock via SMS once it is updated. I receive these SMS and any 15 minutes I upload them to my computer for analyze.


Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS helped me to copy all my SMS from my IPhone to my computer very easily. After this on my computer I run an analyze software which process all data from SMS and I always know the last information related to my stock. So this is exactly what I need and I can say it do the job fine.


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