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Today, it’ll be easier for any Mac users to record their favorite music or audio file sources as well as their favorite radio programs from the net using the best software from Wondershare. This software is a unique program that lets you record, save and retrieve information you gathered from the internet on your Mac PC. Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac is probably the best software to use for any reason you like to hear your favorite web based audio files on your MAC everywhere regardless if you’re offline or not. No wonder, you can keep and preserve your favorite music and other audio materials you found on the internet by using Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac.

It takes just one click for you to enjoy your kind of music freely. If you like to get the chance to listen to your favorite audio materials from any videos, radio programs or music on the web, you need not to stay online all the time to do it.

There is a better way for you to keep track of your favorite audio files even if you’re offline to still enjoy and make the most of them. With Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac, you can record just about everything you like audible from the internet.

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Generally speaking, this software lets you record music, soundtrack or even radio programs streaming on the web while retaining their 100% brilliant quality with just a click away. The best thing to know about Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac software is that it’s completely legal to use and adheres to all copywriting laws compliance.

As you use Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac, you’ll automatically detect the streamed media itself. Below are the instructions you need to follow after downloading Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac software:

  • Find the best audio material or file online you wish to record and save it on your browser.
  • You may click on the record tab then followed by the icon that indicates the word ‘Play’.
  • Be aware not to visit other web pages while you’re recording the audio file.

Due to the fact that Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac uses a sound card to enable you record your favorite music, online radio programs or whatever it is, you can guarantee that you can keep the brilliant quality of the sound recorded.


This software gets info of the recorded files automatically. As you start recording, Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac also start to gather information in line with the recorded material including the album title, name of the performer and the era. After everything is set, you may edit the tags on your play list to organize it well.


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