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If you’re ever looking for a perfect way to download and convert videos and audio files that are digitally-mastered then WM Recorder is the right software for you. With the help of this program, you can play all your favorite multimedia files instantly and automatically saved them on your PC.

By using WM Recorder, you can visit many video and audio-playing websites to download your favorite multimedia files through using the simple video recording system for your computer. Know that WM Recorder comes with very noteworthy features and benefits you cannot find elsewhere! For this reason, the next move you must do is to buy this product and start experiencing conveniences you never imagined will happen.

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Features and Benefits of WM Recorder

  • Comes with WM Converting System
  • Watch closely the recording process of WM Recorder
  • Records nearly all sorts of protocols and formats
  • Recording with the highest level of quality
  • Live streaming process

Functionality of WM Recorder

Now, you can easily capture streaming, recording and saving all your online-based multimedia files, which may include but not limited to audios, music, soundtracks, movies, music videos and many other similar platforms. With just a single click of a mouse, you can download and start to enjoy the benefits of WM Recorder. This software program is the simplest approach to capture stream all your favorite and personally-picked audio and video files on your personal computer. This software application is an ideal program to use for company webcasting, contents focusing on subscription and adult materials, broadcasts on radio, music and soundtrack streaming, news update, music or song videos, and many more!

WM Recorder is a software program that is:

  • Very simple to use
  • Automatically saving your multimedia files on your personal computer

WM Recorder’s System Requirements and Restrictions

For those who are looking forward to use WM Recorder for their capture streaming, recording as well as saving their favorite internet-based multimedia files, they need to use Real Player 10 or later versions in recording audios, videos and even movies that are generally formatted for Real Player. On the other hand, WM Recorder also comes with restrictions that you need to adhere to, which you can find out upon registering and downloading the said software program.


You may discover that WM Recorder comes with free and paid versions. Take note that the free version works just like the paid ones, on the contrary, paid versions comes with complete features and benefits, while free versions has restrictions.


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