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This application program includes a file browsing system with shell extension and it is built-in. At the same time, Webcam Surveyor includes FTP alert, electronic mail alert, detection of motion, image sequential capturing process, multimedia capturing system, zooming digitally, as well as compatible and user-friendly. Know that Webcam Surveyor is a comprehensive application tool that is a mix of video capturing and surveillance.

By using this application program, you are able to effortlessly perform video recording, detect movements, as well as image uploading and email sending. Video clips and image files capturing becomes as easy as a breeze through the use of a built-in browsing program. Being a Microsoft Windows platform / OS Shareware from the program of video capturing system, Windows Surveyor is utilized as is according to its functions and features.

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Should a movement is caught, the software system will process moves that are generally predefined, such as sound of play alert, other program running, FTP site image file uploading, electronic mail alert sending, video file recording, and many others. With the availability of movement capturing in advance, users are able to save both disk space and time spent through motion frames recording. Webcam Surveyor’s stealth mode lets users totally hide the program in your PC, as well as manage it through main keys used.

This application program is not visible on the screen during startup process and you can initiate its operating in MS Windows. The process lets users find out the real situation while they’re away and is helpful in video capturing on PCs and public terminals. With Webcam Surveyor, you are able to take advantage of its features and advantages like:

  • Effortless video creation using your webcam
  • Capture diverse files of videos
  • Capture sequences of images
  • High definition recording of video files
  • Detection of movements
  • Capturing of movements

PC and Operating System Requirements

Before using Webcam Surveyor, make it a point that your personal computer is all set with its requirements. Below are some of them.

  • Windows Driver Model compatible capture card or webcam
  • DirectX version 9 or up
  • Display that shows 16-bit colors or greater
  • 700 MegaHertz Central Processing Unit or Dual Core
  • 40 MegaByte free Random Access Memory
  • 10 MegaByte free space of hard disk
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 2000


This software package is a functional and easy to use program intended for monitoring and recording unseen activities due to absence. By using this application program, users are able to simply and speedily stream live broadcast from a television company, perform video recording, snapshots taking, as well as activity checking. The detecting movement system turns your PC into video surveillance tool, as well as it is helpful in logging every out of the way events.


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