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For those who have spare time of at least a minute, they are able to come up with an easy to make screensaver derived from your flash animated materials, soundtracks, video files, as well as images through the use of Ultra Screen Saver Maker. By Ultra Screen Saver Maker package, it will only take a user about 60 seconds to produce screensaver that installs automatically derived form about 50 plus image files, as well as files in MP3 format. Since Ultra Screen Saver Maker’s platform is intuitive, it allows users to come up with screensaver fast even on the very first day you utilize the software. Ideally, you may choose to use Ultra Screen Saver Maker at home for your personal computer’s sake. By using this wonderful software package, you can effortlessly and speedily come up with your personalized screensavers in about less than half a minute. Through the use of Ultra Screen Saver Maker, you can easily perform adding of image files, audio files, video files, flash animation, photos, web pages or texts with help of a keyword to your screensaver.

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Expectations of Ultra Screen Saver Maker

The timeline for editing process is not existing on this application program, that is why, screensaver designing is just like salad preparation, which involves mixing and slicing up to sliding and rolling tasks.
All you have to do is make a collection of audio, video or image files, watch or listen to them then just input the screensaver theme you like by means of point-then-click platform. With Ultra Screen Saver Maker around, users are able to likewise add time, text and date utilizing diverse numbers of effects and fonts. When you start using this application program, just type the internet addresses or keywords, as well as all sorts of websites or image files seen online that you want to include in your screensaver. Ultra Screen Saver Maker promises to offer its users the ideal benefits as software, such as:

  • Does not require users to have basic or advanced skills in programming at all
  • Users are able to test their screensavers when they want or need it
  • Users are allowed to include diverse sorts of multimedia file types
  • Allows merging of all your multimedia files into an authentic screensaver
  • User friendly sequential platform type.

Operating and Computer Systems Requirements

For the best experience in using Ultra Screen Saver Maker, your personal computer must run using the best Microsoft Windows operating systems such as those listed below:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP


When it comes to the input data format, this application tool is tagged as omnivorous. Ultra Screen Saver Maker can help users perform screensaver exporting process that includes files in SCR format for utilizing on the PC you have at home or serve as installers in EXE format for effortless distributing process.


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