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Today, there are the best software you can rely on when it comes to diversity in features and benefits such as various resources built-in, special effects, and different templates to help users personalize and create albums, greeting cards, or Flash banners comprehensively, as well as perform project exporting process to files formatted in AVI, SWF, or GIF. If you’re looking to experience and enjoy the advantages mentioned here, the ideal application program you can rely on is Sothink SWF Easy.
This software package is a high-caliber program intended to help users create their personalized image galleries, greeting cards, banners, as well as animated files in flash formats, while users can opt for a diverse number of Flash effects animation and banner templates. This program’s platform is slightly astounding in the first place. To the contrary, it so happens due to the reason it’s filled with diverse sensible parameters. Users can depend on the helpful complete manual, as well as a sequential technique to thoroughly utilize this software package.

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Sothink SWF Easy comes with various panels, including Component, Resource files, Background, Properties, Shape,Timeline and Scene. This application program comes with built-in effects support to help users animate or put to life image files, texts and shapes. In addition, users can stack diverse generating effects, as well as add diverse ones into a single element and effects editing process. It’s a great opportunity for many to buy this program to combine diverse effects to generate a new one completely, combine many elements into one, and effects editing.

Sothink SWF Easy – Things to Expect

It’s a good thing to know that by choosing Sothink SWF Easy, you can guarantee that you get to experience the best features, quality and performance you’ll never find from other software packages in the marketplace. With this application program, it’ll be easier to search for keywords through the help of FROG relevant elements if you search using FROG keyword. This software package comes with a diverse number of resources for images or graphics, so it’s really convenient to use this program. Below are a few features you’ll enjoy from using Sothink SWF Easy:

  • SWF files resources extraction
  • Adding of library resources
  • Comes with diverse image or graphic resources
  • Banner resources that are user-ready

System Requirements for Sothink SWF Easy

For those people longing to use Sothink SWF Easy, they need to adhere to the requirements for their PC system to use this software package smoothly and less of a hassle. Your computer must have at least 2 gigabytes of disk space available and the system memory should have 32 megabytes or higher. The processor of your computer must have at least 233 megahertz of Intel Pentium or higher. Now, the best operating systems your computer must run with are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


The best thing with Sothink SWF Easy is that it comes with wizard mode that helps users create quick buttons for navigation, banner, flip album, or normal album. Moreover, this software package comes with editing tools support, including circle, square, pencil and line, as well as it offers diverse elements in coloring, size and position tweaking, image insertion, formatted text rich embedding, and objects arrangement through the help of alignments, grid and ruler.


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