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Get to use the software package that can help you in designing Flash animations, banners and introductions. Sothink SWF Easy is the best application program with the Flash technology system; therefore you can use it for diverse sorts of games, web-based services and sites. By using Sothink SWF Easy, you can effortlessly come up with animated virtual figures, regardless if you don’t have any knowledge in using Flash in the first place.
This software package is among the quickest and easiest approaches to come up with notable SWF Flash animated files without you having to know advanced skills in designing, as well as you never need to type any codes at all. Sothink SWF Easy is an application program that comes with “What You See Is What You Get” platform where a user can drop after dragging elements, as well as set them on a background alignment in any approach you would wish using your PC mouse. In making the tasks much simpler, Sothink SWF Easy also comes with graphics, templates and other sort of tools you can use at anytime you need to.

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Anticipated Sothink SWF Easy Advantages

By using this application program, you can effortlessly come up with image file galleries, occasional cards, banners, introductions, logos and buttons that you can preview on a real-time manner, as well as tools that are user-friendly. Although this software package may also have downsides, to the contrary, it really functions beyond expectations when it comes to people who are just starting to acquire skills on animated files.

As soon as the created animated file gets done, users are able to perform its exportation directly to SWF with the choice to come up with the page of Hypertext Markup Language, or website source code is being copied and then pasted. When it comes to user-friendly designing of Flash wherein you are allowed to come up with very notable animations in Flash format, notwithstanding whether you have skills in designing or you haven’t. With Sothink SWF Easy, you can make sure that it’s:

  • Best for both professional and new users
  • Easy to use and powerful
  • More than 60 diverse banner templates style and Flash effects that are built-in
  • Flash banner extraction to diverse sorts of format
  • Complete program application for banner designing

Computer and Operating System Requirements for Sothink SWF Easy

Before using Sothink SWF Easy, your personal computer must have at least 2 gigabytes of disk space available and 32 megabytes and up for system memory. At the same time, Intel Pentium with 233 megahertz or above is required for your computer processor. Below are the best OS for Sothink SWF Easy:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP


This Flash banner making software can help users to come up with Flash banners in different formats such as Hypertext Markup Language version 5, GIF, AVI and SWF. Sothink SWF Easy makes a tool of Flash banners that can accommodate both professionals and new users evenly.


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