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By using Scanned Text Editor, one move you can perform and considered as your other option is to save the file in the SCA formatted internal platform. By following this format all sorts of objects gets to be saved in the layer it has and the background doesn’t have any melting results. Now with Scanned Text Editor, you easily do editing of docs you scanned but never lose a single thing. Both the original text’s quality as well as its layout will stay as is through the help of Scanned Text Editor.

Don’t get it wrong because Scanned Text Editor will not even make an attempt to perform the text recognition process, to the contrary, it will make the images and texts free from within the background and make it freely move things that the background shows. You are now able to open docs you have in bitmap format or you can perform scanning of the newest docs you added on your PC system.

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Expectations Scanned Text Editor

From that point on, users of Scanned Text Editor are able to perform moving, deleting, copying and pasting of images and texts or adding of new batch of photo files as well as texts. Users have the power to capture and keep the result and formatted as images in bitmap, or better yet, print it as you wish. A different option you can perform is saving the doc in the SCA file format for internal system.

By using this kind of format, every object is automatically saved in the layer of its own and never melts with file’s background again. For sure, there maybe a number of times we finally realize that we are needing correction of errors or changing documents’ text pieces that went through printing wherein we do not have any back files digitally, which leads to frustration and time wasted to write the entire document once more. With the coming of Scanned Text Editor in the marketplace, users can effortlessly save a lot of effort and they can smoothly perform editing of their doc files in less than 10 minutes. With Scanned Text Editor, you may expect to experience these things:

  • Moving, deleting, copying and pasting of images and texts
  • Adding of new batch of photo files or texts
  • Capture and keep the result and formatted as images in bitmap format
  • Saves the doc in the SCA file format for internal system purposes
  • Saves a lot of effort and smoothly edits doc files

Operations and Systems Requirements

For Scanned Text Editor to work better, you must adhere to the required operating system before using it. Below are the OS and browser requirements for you to follow.

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome


Scanned Text Editor can help you edit your doc files just through scanning process. This software package can recognize printed characters in a sheet of paper then turn them in digitally formatted text. At the same time, Scanned text Editor is able to distinguish images from the original document.


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