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For people with an inclination to creating photo/picture or image files collage, now is the best time for them to go for and buy the best software package in the marketplace today. Picture Collage Maker Pro comes with over 150 templates with remarkable designs that are ideal to use for many types of occasions that help users produce their own greeting cards, image file collages, calendars, and many other relevant or related items. Now with the help of Picture Collage Maker Pro, users can effortlessly customize and edit their photo collage with masks, frames and many other similar effects.
Through the help of this software package, users are able to directly print, share their photo collages sending electronic messages, consider them as screen background, and keep as file for pictures, among other similar operations. With this application program, users can easily come up with their own picture relevant art jobs, posters, cards for invitation purposes, greeting cards for any occasions, calendar, picture collage, as well as scrapbooks.

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By means of creating the said items, users can make any occasion, happening or gathering a memorable day. Picture Collage Maker Pro is a perfect choice of program when it comes to sharing photos to your loved ones online. This software package is extremely simple to use for a diverse number of users, regardless of the level of experience they’re in. Picture Collage Maker Pro is the number one software in terms of picture collage requirements.

Things to Anticipate with Picture Collage Maker Pro

Now with Picture Collage Maker Pro, users can freely come up with their personalized or customized collages for their photos or any other image files using a set of images in digital form. This software application is a user-friendly program that allows users to perform photo favorites merging process into one collage creation. By using this wonderful software application, you can effortlessly and speedily collage your pictures into a single group. Since this program comes with diversified templates, users can guarantee that what they produced are ideal and suitable for any sort of lifestyle. Picture Collage Maker Pro promises to deliver the following conveniences to its users:

  • Helps users smooth and effortless sharing of photo collages with their loved ones and colleagues.
  • Comes with tutorial wizard with different level of skills.
  • Built-in editing tool.
  • User-friendly and dependable.
  • Offers diversified template options.

OS and PC System Requirements for Picture Collage Maker Pro

Now for people who would like to start using Picture Collage Maker Pro, they need to comply with its operating system and personal computer system requirements for them not to experience issues and other bothersome problems while it’s running. Generally speaking, the required space for your personal computer’s hard drive is 200 megabytes. For Random Access Memory, the recommended figures are from 128 to 256 megabytes.


This software package only works well with IE 6.0 and above. Your PC must have at least 233-500 megahertz of Central Processing Unit for both AMD and Pentium users. Also, the version of your Windows Installer must set for 3.0. Last, the needed operating system for your computer is Windows Vista, Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT4.0. Picture Collage Maker Pro is the commendable program for people whose main job is to create, edit, merge or collage photos or pictures or image files into one album. You can greatly benefit from using this software in all types of occasions, gatherings, and many other relevant social activities that involves picture-taking.


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