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Digital cameras have changed the way that people take pictures. The Photo Slideshow Creator Deluxe is changing the way that we use and view those digital pictures.

Digital cameras allow people to take more pictures than ever before. It is easy to take and store thousands of pictures on digital storage cards or on computers. It is great that all of these pictures can be taken and saved, but how do you view all of them.

The Photo Slideshow Creator Deluxe allows you to take all of the pictures that you have and put them into a format that allows you to view them easily. You can use this software to create slide shows that can be transferred to DVDs.

These are not the same slideshows that your parents used to show friends and family so many years ago. These are high quality slideshows that everyone will enjoy over and over again.

Features of the Software

The software allows people to do a wide variety of things with their digital images.

  • The software allows you to combine pictures and music together
  • The drag and drop feature allows you to easily put slides into the show or remove them. This same feature is used to add music or videos to your slide show.
  • The music will be synced to the slide show so they start and finish at the same time.
  • Templates are available to create a pre-designed slide show. All you have to add is the images or video.
  • Various special effects (over 130 of them ) allow you to personalize your slideshow and to make it unique.
  • You can burn your slideshow to a DVD when you are ready. The DVD can be played on any DVD player connected to your television.
  • It is very user friendly and provides step by step instructions to create your slideshow.
  • It is perfect for beginners or seasoned video editors.

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Some people might wonder how they can use this type of software. The great thing about it is the more that you use it, the more you will learn. You can take the time to experiment with the various features that are offered with the software.

More Things that You Can Do

If you want to create a one of a kind slideshow, this software will help you do it. The ability to edit your pictures to make them perfect for your slideshow is one of the tools that you will find useful. You can crop, rotate and add special effects to your pictures before you add them to the slideshow.

Add voiceovers and commentary to your videos so everyone understands who is doing what and where they are. Create transitions between the pictures thata re as interesting as the pictures themselves.

Take your pictures and convert them to a wide screen format. Make your video look like it was done by a professional by adding an introduction or having the credits roll at the end.

All of these things are not only possible with the Photo Slideshow Creator Deluxe. They are easy to accomplish. It is the right software for the novice or the expert.


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