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Today, there’s a better way to capture all activities you’re doing on your PC monitor and record as a video on your file. My Screen Recorder Pro can effortlessly capture the stream of audio or sounds coming from your audio system such as microphone and/or speakers, as well as combining it with the video you generated. This software package is extremely beneficial for instructors or demonstrators in front of the stage who are required to come up with visual tutorials or presentations.

My Screen Recorder Pro can help its users save their captured screen as videos in different widely-used formats, which includes MP4, AVI and WMV. In addition, this application program supports Flash files in FLV format that lets users produce video files ready for publishing to video sharing sites on the internet like DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo and of course, YouTube. You may also use this software package to come up with EXE file videos that can play itself automatically for effortless distribution through the use of an electronic mail message or disc for instance.

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My Screen Recorder Pro Expectations to Note about

By utilizing My Screen Recorder Pro, users are able to record and save their whole screen of their personal computer, or a particular rectangular location or window, as well as they can record and save any sorts of screen from diverse systems of monitors at the same time. Various other features to note about from this application program is that it lets users configure both video and audio outputs completely, give emphasis on the motions of the mouse and illustrate actions by clicking the button, illustrate on the area for recording, as well as specifically schedule recording sessions automatically, and many other tasks. My Screen Recorder Pro software package can also help you publish FTP server or YouTube video file recording according to your personal taste.

At the same time, it’s really the best to say that MyScreen Recorder Pro is the software version that comes with a diverse number of benefits compared to other program versions. Only through this version that users are allowed to capture and save their PC monitor activities while on a hide, as well as combining or divide the videos you captured, highlight the movements of your mouse, schedule PC screen capturing automatically, as well as you can draw figures on the designated area for capturing.

With My Screen Recorder Pro, you will experience the benefits:

  • Effortless publishing of FTP servers or YouTube video files you recorded
  • Lets users schedule the recordings they did on their PC screen automatically
  • Lets users draw on the area where recording process is done
  • Lets users highlight their moves using their PC mouse
  • Allows creation of executable video files that are played automatically
  • Supports widely-used formats of video files
  • Lets users record and save the entirety of a PC screen
  • Captures stream of audio files from microphones and speakers
  • User-friendly

OS Requirements for My Screen Recorder Pro

If you really like to start using My Screen Recorder Pro today, you must take into consideration that you need to check your PC first if it is operating using the right OS. Now, check if your personal computer uses the operating systems presented below:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows 2012


After checking the OS of your PC and find out that you’re using the right one which is on the list above then you’re in the right track.
My Screen Recorder Pro lets users transform their created videos to any sorts of formats they prefer. Generally speaking, when it comes to power and versatility, it is the best application program that definitely handles every need for capturing and saving a PC screen.


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