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Through the help of Mac CD/DVD Label Maker, you can take advantage of capabilities like printing process from actual to printing on a disc that is Epson printers compatible. Now with Mac CD/DVD Label Maker, you take advantage of both foreground and background layers in editing and creating label designs with advanced level classification. You can use this program to help you import your personalized photos and images to create your own covers and backgrounds. This software package comes with multi-line function for an art text. Mac CD/DVD Label Maker includes templates you can use for diverse sorts of media, such as mini compact disc, booklets, case inserts of DVDs, as well as jewel templates. The said application program can function well with various shapes and sizes of discs. By using this software, you are able to insert tables, barcodes, pictures, customized art tasks, as well as image files. What you see is what you get with Mac CD/DVD Label Maker because it is extremely simple to utilize and all people can take advantage of it.

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Through the help of Mac CD DVD Label Maker, you’ll get to enjoy the best advantages it has to offer like these:

  • Images and backgrounds opacity control system
  • Clipart, image files, text and image files transparency setting
  • Hue gradients support
  • Bleed printing support

This software package lets users come up with labels for their DVD or CD. At the same time, it can help you create DVD and CD jewel cases’ cover images. Through this program, users are able to perform art work importing, set easy-to-do colors in the background, as well as organize track list with artist info. With the help of Mac CD/DVD Label Maker, you can easily come up with labels for your DVD and compact disc in no time at all.

Operating and System Requirements

For users to succeed in using Mac CD/DVD Label Maker, they have to meet the standard procedures in running this software package. You will definitely not experience any hassle or downtimes if you just adhere to the requirements set for this application program. Below are some of the requirements you need to adhere prior to using Mac CD/DVD Label Maker.

  • Hard disk space of 500 megabytes
  • Macintosh Mavericks 10.9
  • Macintosh Yosemite 10.10 OS
  • Macintosh Operating System X 10.5 and up
  • Macintosh Operating System X Compatible


By means of this software package, you can easily perform importing of play lists from different multimedia platforms including Text File, iTunes and many others. With this application program, you can easily print an extended range of paper forms and labels. Mac CD/DVD Label Maker comes with many expertly designed images of clip art type, templates and backgrounds.


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