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It was not so long ago that VCR tapes were the newest technology. DVDs have replaced the video tapes and now the Blue Ray DVD is taking over the original DVD. One of the biggest downsides that many people have had with DVDs is the inability to make copies. They might think that you are not able to make copies of any DVD let alone a Blue Ray DVD.

The Leawo Blu-ray Copy is software that allows people to make copies of their Blue Ray DVDs. You can take the Blue Ray DVDs that you enjoy and make copy them by taking advantage of the DVD burner on your home computer.

How Will Leawo Blu-ray Copy Help You

There are many advantages to using Leawo Blu-ray Copy software to help you copy your Blue Ray DVDs.

  • It can remove the copyright protection to allow you to copy the DVDs that you have.
  • It can convert your Blue ray DVDs to regular DVDs.
  • It includes a one –click smart tool that makes it easy to copy your Blue Ray discs.
  • When it copies your Blue ray DVD it uses technology that prevents any loss of quality during the duplication.
  • It does not slow down your computer because it will not hog all of the resources of your computer to make the copies.
  • It allows you to edit your Blue ray DVD and add subtitles or other features.

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Copying a Blue ray DVD has never been easier with this software. The Blue Ray DVD is downloaded to your hard drive with the software. You can then copy it from your hard drive to a new DVD disc.

This may sound easy and you might think that the program is not needed to do this. Most DVD’s have some type of copyright protection that prevents them from being copied. The software is able to deal with many different types of decryption technology.

AACS, BD+ and DVR-9 to DVD-5 are all possible with this software.

What do you Need

The software works with different operating systems. Windows 7 and 8, Windows XP and Vista are all compatible with the software. The software does have other system requirements that include:

  • An Intel or AMD processor that has more than 1 GHz
  • A minimum of 512 MB RAM although it works better with 1024 MB or more of RAM
  • A GeForce 260xt graphics card or better
  • An internet connection, preferably a broadband or better connection
  • A recordable Blue Ray disc drive

If your computer is able to meet these specifications, this software will work on it. It is always a good idea to check the requirements before purchasing the software. You do not want to think the program is not working because it is defective when it is really because your computer is not right for the job.

Computers have had recordable disc drives for a while. Most people do not realize the number of ways that they can take advantage of this feature for their computer. The Leawo Blu-ray Copy software is one of the best ways to use this technology. You will soon have a more complete library for your Blue Ray DVD collection.


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