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You can now easily do the tasks of downloading and converting video or audio streaming on the internet with the help of Jaksta for Windows. This software is the solution to all multimedia streaming issues you encounter along the way. As soon as you install and configure this application program, it discreetly standby on the side while surfing the internet as is.

Jaksta for Windows works efficiently for all widely-known streaming websites, including DailyMotion and the like. In addition, you can use this software without worrying about the type of browser you’re using since it’s compatible with all major browsing facilities online. This software is available in both paid and free versions wherein you can simply compare the benefits of using one from the other. Jaksta for Windows comes with sound recording system, therefore, you’re allowed to record MP3 audio files coming from any music and video-sharing websites.

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What Jaksta for Windows Has to Offer

You can use Jaksta for Windows in virtually downloading your multimedia files, which may include but not limited to music websites, chat platforms, as well as video-sharing online facilities like YouTube and other similar sites. By using Jaksta for Windows, you can easily download video or audio files coming from all websites that are HTTP-supported which may reach about ten times the speed of ordinary downloading systems in accordance with server capacity and internet connectivity level. You’re allowed to use Jaksta for Windows on leading web browsers such as Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and of course, Internet Explorer.

With Jaksta for Windows, expect that you can:

  • Download any video and audio file formats
  • Use any internet browsers you like


As the name denotes, Jaksta for Windows requires a software user to have a personal computer that operates with Windows operating system. You are not able to use Jaksta for Windows if your PC operates using another OS. Keep in mind that whatever Windows OS you use, regardless of the version, Jaksta for Windows will definitely run smoothly minus the hassles. You can count on the best performance and service of Jaksta for Windows if you just adhere to the system requirements set for this application program. Generally speaking, Jaksta for Windows is a commendable software package for all online multimedia fanatics.


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