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Jacksta for Windows is a program that is used to help one download videos and music from the net. It helps convert files into formats that you can store on your machine for viewing at a later time. It helps one source for the videos and music as well as offer very fast streaming times as well as automatic conversion of these files.

At one point or another we have watched a YouTube video or music file and the one thing that keeps nagging at us after watching the stream is that you cannot store the file onto your device. If you want to watch the video again then you would be required to go back online and stream the video or music file. This does not have to be the case with the
Jacksta for Windows program. This program allows you to download and store the files you want store and in the format you would like to store it. It is a simple process and the download will amazingly be 10 times faster than if you were just streaming the video without Jacksta for Windows.

Most, if not all of the videos one downloads from the net are in flash format or some other format that is not compatible with Windows operating systems. This makes it very difficult to save the file for later viewing. Jacksta for Windows allows for you to download the file and save it in a format you can view and save into your machine for use at a later date.

What does Jacksta for Windows have to offer?

Speed: Jacksta will offer download speeds of 10 faster than the normal downloads based on your network provider and the amount of capacity the servers that will be streaming the media have.

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Jacksta for Windows can convert the video or audio files into whatever format you desire. You can select a format that is compatible to your machine from a comprehensive list provided for you in the program.


Jacksta for Windows will search for the specific streams you require from the thousands of websites available on the net. This means that you just have to specify what it is you want to stream and the program will do the rest for you. Save one from having to search through each specific site for the file they require.


This program is independent of your web browser; meaning that it will not slow down your connection as it streams it streams your video or audio file.


Having done a review of this program, the only disadvantage I see is the tendency of a Jacksta for Windows owner not buying a copy of the video or audio file that they have downloaded. This may prove to be a negative for the author of the video or audio file but it seems that Jacksta is an outright win for the user. I think this is a wise buy for any internet users.


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