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This software package can easily distinguish the original movie from a DVD source to steer clear of fake movie duplication. With DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc, you can effortlessly choose the subtitles and soundtracks to come up with an extraordinary DVD movie file copy. This software package can help users extract sound files taken from a movie on a DVD.
You can also use DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc for duplicate customization to merge your preferred titles of movies coming from various DVD movie files to a single DVD file, as well as it gets rid of unnecessary subtitles and soundtracks. You can use this application program for combining diverse DVD files to a single DVD for the purpose of DVD discs saving process. DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc clearly categorizes duplicate modes for users’ DVD duplication customization. You can now effortlessly copy some sequences of movies from a DVD into another DVD file like in music videos and television programs. DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc also can be advantageous in removing unnecessary contents, as well as compress movies again with some ratio of compression in saving the space of your disc. This application program has a duplicating support for soundtracks in various channels, which includes DTS and Digital Dolby 5.1.

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Expectations of DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc

This software package help users in duplicating various DVD discs, but never engage on repetitious duplicating process. DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc makes DVD duplication backups more reliable since it can equalize the quality of the master DVD copy. It also has the ability to help users produce duplicates of DVD movie files in 3D version. DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc gives the real value for your money in terms of cloning, copying or duplicating DVD movie and video files. With DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc, you’ll take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Effortlessly copy some sequences of movies from a DVD into another DVD file
  • Removing unnecessary contents, as well as compress movies again with some ratio of compression in saving the space of your disc
  • Duplicating support for soundtracks in various channels
  • Duplicates various DVD discs
  • Offers more reliable backup duplication

Operating and PC System Requirements

For those who are planning to use DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc, they need to consider meeting the operating and computer system requirements to run the program smoothly. You need to adhere to the requirements given below before using this software:

  • Central Processing Unit – 1.0 gigahertz Power or Intel or 450 megahertz Pentium-II
  • 1 gigahertz memory or 64 megahertz of Random Access Memory
  • 1 unit of DVD burning tool
  • 5-8 gigabyte space of hard disk free
  • Macintosh OS X (10.5 and up versions), Windows XP or 32-bit Windows 8


This software package supports duplication of PAL DVD and NTSC. You may use this application program in compressing movie files in DVD9 format to an ordinary DVD5 formatted disc as you keep the good quality or perform DVD9 video splitting to 2 discs of DVD5 without compromising on quality. Now by using DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc, users are able to skip or come up with menu options, as well as an option from diverse soundtracks and subtitles in major international languages.


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