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Now, you can smoothly duplicate or copy your favorite Blu-ray videos and movies without experiencing much trouble doing so. Through the help of Blu-Cloner, users can easily decrypt Blu-ray discs available commercially. For this reason, users are able to perform movie collection back up process. This software package can help you burn Blu-ray discs, as well as duplicate discs in Blu-ray with 3D format.
By using Blu-Cloner, duplication of Blu-ray disc movie collections becomes faster and more convenient to do. You can perfectly depend on this software’s quality and remarkable performance in producing the best Blu-ray disc versions derived from its original counterpart. No wonder, using Blu-Cloner is the right move to make sure that you’ll not encounter errors and issues along the way. This is one of the best application programs available in the market today! Get your copy of this software as soon as possible.

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Things You May Expect from Using Blu-Cloner

There are many things you may expect from using Blu-Cloner software package from OpenCloner, Inc. With this software you can easily come up with customized or brand new menu of your choice. Through this program, users can effortlessly keep and clone their 3D movies’ effects, at the same time restore the contents of damaged disc sectors and would still have the chance to copy perfectly. Blu-Cloner comes with output media, decryption power and it’s extremely user-friendly. Through this application program, users may expect the following helpful features:

  • Easy customization of menu options
  • Effortless maintenance and duplication of 3D movie effects
  • Restores damaged Blu-ray disc sectors
  • Output media
  • Decrypting authority
  • Easy to use program

System Requirements for Blu-Cloner

Whenever possible, before you plan to use Blu-Cloner software program to your computer, you should make it a point that you’re following what are the needed requirements both for your personal computer and while it’s running.

The advisable configuration for your computer includes an ATI video card or NVIDIA video, a disc drive with Blu-ray format, Windows 8/7/Vista, a burning tool for Blu-ray disc formats, NTFS partition or hard disk space with free 50 gigabytes, Random Access Memory of 2048 megabytes, as well as speedy processing system or 1.86 gigahertz Intel Core2. You can guarantee that Blu-Cloner will run smoothly according to your preferences if you just adhere to the system requirement set for this program.


Definitely, you cannot find any other software packages that can deal directly and successfully with Blu-ray discs with movies or videos of your choice. You can greatly experience the best of duplicating or copying Blu-ray files without any hassles and issues. Blu-Cloner is the perfect choice for all people who are into watching movies and other video materials with Blu-ray formats.


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